June 28, 2008

on loving pre-loved

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No picture today, because I’d love to post a nice artsy fartsy shot of my new purchases but most of them are in the wash.

I’ve recently gone on a Vintage Binge, and by recently I meant I really started feeling the love on Thursday. And as is typical with me, when I am passionate about something, I go crazy all out but if it doesn’t sustain my interest…well, that’s the end of it.

Anyway, I’ve already got some old stuff from my aunts lying around that I’ve been loving heaps but have always felt too self-conscious? Awkward? Too much like a social/fashion misfit to wear? Anyhoo, trawling vintage-inspired fashion sites (as kindly listed for you under ‘Fabulous Fashion’) I’ve been…well, inspired, to go on a mad pre-loved spree.

I’ve decided that fashion is about experimentation. About not always being matchy-matchy perfection, but pushing the envelope about what works and what doesn’t.


But yeah, big thing for me ok.

I went to Amcorp Mall today for some Me Time (I’ve been feeling incredibly unbalanced lately, as Miss P. would say, my chakras are all out of whack—nothing seems to work for me lately, be it meditation, thinking positive, or talking to angels) and wandered around the weekend flea market stalls.

I know a lot of the stuff is pretty blah, but what I was looking for was cheap, pre-loved clothes and bags. I was in this shop on the Lower Ground floor and struck up a conversation with one of the workers there, an old Chinese man in a funky hat.

After asking me if I were still studying, he asked me a question I’ve been asked a lot lately. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

In a split second, my thoughts shot from suspicion to paranoia to just a sweet serene blankness.

“A good person,” I laughed.

And I meant it.


I also spent RM50, and got bang for my buck (I know how this may be construed by the less pure-of-mind, so let me clarify that a.) I did not hire a hooker; b.) I did not pay to shoot anyone; c.) I did not hump a male deer).

Averaging at RM10 each, I snagged two tops (a lovely sailor-esque navy and red drawstring cotton top, and a halter/pussy-bow top in turquoise chiffon paisley), a lovely cropped white cardi with puff-sleeves and gorgeous embroidery on them, a silk painting-type high-waisted skirt and a red mock croc skin sling bag.

I’m pleased. I still have yet to wear the same thing to uni twice, and have decided that from now on I will buy mostly pre-loved stuff.

Because wearing things that have been loved, makes one feel loved.

Call it psychological (or call me psycho).


I saw the kids again today, and all seems to be well after the minor mishap of two weeks ago. I felt a lot more centered, having heaps of feminine energy coming off the other four, and though I lagged behind in a lot of things today I found peace when two little boys sat on my lap and read to me.

I discovered that K., a 6 year-old Sagittarian, who normally drives us a bit crazy with his hyperactivity, has a vice (yes, as we all do). Reading. He reads remarkably well for a Standard One kid, and while his English is a bit more touch and go, his Malay is pretty good. I think that short reading spell did us both good, because I’d never really been able to bond with him before (it’s a bit hard to cuddle a whizzing ball of energy!) and after that I actually managed to convince him and another boy to sort out their bookshelf!

And something else that I found beautiful. So just bear with me.

One of the volunteers, S., ordered cupcakes for the kids. In the end everybody ended up having about two—these gorgeous chocolate cupcakes with icing on it, some with flowers and some with frolicking white bunnies (I know!).

The little girl I love so, M., was very quiet today, clearly something is on her mind. Anyway she took one with flowers and ate it, and took another one with bunnies…to give to the live-in child minder.

I don’t think any of the other children did that, which I found understandable (I mean, they’re kids, and it’s sweet sugary goodness).

It just goes to show that you can be used and abused, ignored and treated as a crowd rather than an individual, but still love finds ways of shining through.

I really do love that kid. Actually, I really do love all of them.

*happy sighs


October 15, 2007


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MY BOYFRIEND IS SO DAMN HOT. *fans self and runs for cold shower*

Is it normal to be so enamoured with one’s other half?

Especially over a year into the relationship, though mind you, more than half of it has been long distance. Pfft.

But damn, baby, he’s hot o_O


Mun Teng and I today reached a milestone in our relationship: we’re co-purchasing stuff.

More like, sharing the cost of a dress we both love, that is not expensive at all to begin with but since we both vowed not to spend money on anything except food at Bangsar today, we both decided splitting a dress (we’re going to share custody *grin*) over counts as half breaking our vows.

I just figured out why I can’t upload pictures—exceeded my damned Dropshots bandwidth. Gaah. Will use Flickr when I can be bothered to, right now I just want to lie back and fan myself and repeat over and over (with much awe): my boyfriend is so hot, my boyfriend is so hot….

Hands off girls, he’s mine.

October 13, 2007

shoes are evil/ whee!

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At the insistence of my Sg. Petani-studying friend who wanted to pay homage to the extension of our haunt Sunway Pyramid (because this is where we spent our formative (shopping) years, e.g. adolescence), I decided to bring her out on a date, just the two of us *shimmies to the Will Smith song in my head*, for dinner and a lookaround.

So enamoured were we with the sleek new decor, it seemed to also induce a false sense of bargain shopping when put in a new setting with everything on sale, because with everything looking so high-end (save for the price tags, which were still reasonable!) we (ok, I) got lulled into thinking that everything was damn cheap.

Especially since I don’t need to scrimp like mad anymore for Melbourne and the rapidly skyrocketing exchange rate! So what to do, shop la!  😀

But because we had to eat first to get our strength we had Subway (Subway Melt, yum how I’ve missed you! Boo to no real ham though :|) . Was feeling a bit sore also because Tim MMS-ed me a picture of the boxful of Krispy Kremes Aki brought back from the city. I really miss those nights, chilling with the three guys (Tim, Gee and Aki—muhibbah, sial: one Kiwi/Australian, one Indian, one Japanese and lil’ ol’ Malaysian me) in Gee’s room watching movies and eating 😛

But nevermind! All feelings of jealousy can be countered with new purchases.

I was so jealous in fact I had to buy two pairs of shoes (hahaha), pictures of which I am unable to upload as my Dropshots bandwidth has been exceeded. Jo took one picture of my new haircut, so hop by her blog on the Blogroll there in a few days and hope it’s up 🙂 Imma soooo loving my new shoes—a pair of red patent wedge heels (va-va-voom!) and a pair of neon pink quilted ballet flats, which I absolutely tumbled head over heels in love with that we ducked into the shop at closing time and begged them to let us just buy that one pair.


I spent a grand total of  RM75 on my two pairs of shoes and I hereby vow to love and cherish them till (their) death do us part. They look fabulous with my MNG skinny jeans, by the way 😉

By the way I have just recently made the most feral, auntie-ish purchase ever but I’m so happy I don’t care what you think! While at Watsons with my grandma I saw these super low-cut cotton sockette-type things for RM5.90 that can be worn with ballet flats. As I (I dunno about how many of you would even admit to this) have sweaty feet and love my ballet flats and thus often have the problem of slippery (smelly?) feet after a few hours in them, I thought, what the heck, and picked up a (flesh-coloured okay!) pair.

When I got home and tried them on, they fit a dream with all my ballet flats (yes, all 26 pairs of them (ok maybe I exaggerate) and all my covered-toe pumps too!)  and you honestly can’t even see it because they’re so low! Plus they’re comfy and prevent blisters. So I don’t care how auntie you think it is, I’m happy; so happy in fact I must share this with everyone else who has this problem 🙂 Remember, it only works properly if they’re the cotton ones (the pantyhose material ones, honestly, what’s the point?!) and flesh-coloured…the black ones are just a faux pas in my humble opinion, unless you’re looking to make a statement.

Here’s to happy feet! Happy with new shoes, new auntie solutions to old problems, and a pair of those Scholl Party Feet thingamajigs that will come in handy the next time I go out clubbing (which may be within the next 2 months, though I am not too sure myself as I reckon I’ve filled my Clubbing Quota for the year).


I also got an offer from Monash Caulfield for their Master of Communication and Media Studies program 🙂  That’s two offers now; I plan on applying to a few other places. The University of South Australia, University of Sydney an University of Queensland are also all on my list—haha talk about state diversity!

I’m hoping to increase my chances of scholarships, though I am also quite doubtful in securing one as the academic requirements are something crazy :/ If I don’t get one; it’s all good, I’ll just lug my ass off to work and reapply in a few years when I have proper full-time industry experience. The Chevening/Chevaning? scholarships offered by the Brits look pretty damn good; however they privilege those with work experience and who are above the age of 25.

Like I said, no rush, no worries. I reckon I’m in a good place because at least I have options. Nevertheless, it’s nice knowing I would have a place to further my studies if I had the money to, because my brainpower is wanted 🙂


I want to shop some more! But I don’t want to spend money. Heh.

September 19, 2007

my 15 seconds of fame/hairspray/i hate you lim su-hsien

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Me! Only a matter of time, my friends, before it’s my byline in the paper and not just me as an interviewee.

I got my 15  seconds of fame in today’s Youth2 section in The Star, available at this link. There’s also a follow-up story here which talks about my blogging, work, and (hee hee) Tim. While I am no doubt wriggling my toes with glee for the publicity (as a writer, communications student (not mass comm, yaaagh!) and er, general person with weird-ass name) I am also anticipating the day when it’ll be my byline in the national papers.

Went to Pyramid to watch Hairspray today with Sush, Adrian, Smuggy! (a.k.a. Yijin) and Adrian’s girlfriend/Sush’s housemate Delene. I loved Hairspray! It’s a text absochockfullutely of potential analysables. It’s also possibly one of the most (positively?) racist movies I’ve seen in a while, by virtue of the fact that highlighting the race issue brings the minorities further under the spotlight.

Yeslah, yeslah, i was anal-ysing it. I like la. But it was also a brilliant laugh—John Travolta in drag and dancing in heels, oh my! And Michelle Pfeiffer’s Velma Von Tussle is absolutely hateable in the most delicious manner! The songs were amazing, the costumes were to die for, and I’d love to learn me those dance moves!

Also, I am currently not too happy with Sush because see here, my hard work of not spending money unnecessarily for all these months, depriving myself of shopping, then BOOM! This woman comes back from the UK and in less than a week I’ve blown my entire monthly allowance *grumbles*. Last Saturday was this gorgeous kitsch parachute dress from Bangsar (my other purchase, a sheer-ish eyelet cotton tunic I fell in love with on my own accord), today was a killer pair of skinny jeans from Mango.

They’re also possibly the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of jeans (I cringe thinking about it) but this damn woman, my God, her silver tongue *blows raspberries at Sush*. Yaya, don’t give me nonsense about having a good eye ok woman. I know you’re secretly happy you didn’t walk out of MNG the only one with something.

But seriously, I look like a baby giraffe in it. As in, my legs look fab! *big shiny eyes* They’re also the first pair of jeans I’ve had in a while that actually fit—because, by George it’s a miracle—I’ve since gone down to a freaking size 6 since my last jeans purchase in…July?

Ugh. My ass has officially gone on a sabbatical. I know I used to gripe about having one, but now I really miss it and want it back 😦 But until then I shall gleefully wear my leg-elongating skinny jeans to death just to get enough mileage out of them for the price I paid.

I miss my ass 😦 It was kinda nice having something to flaunt; from a former hourglass figure I am now a….ruler. Baah.

And I don’t have an eating disorder by the way. I love my food. I need to eat three times a day, at least. I’ve just been scrimping on spending to save up for the Big Australia Trip—but then along came Sushers who’s shot all this to hell. Rawwwwwrrr!

Woman, I’m not going out with you again. Like, never. (or at least until next week ;))

August 24, 2007

new phone/a talk which could possibly change my life forever

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Yes, first of all. I have a new phone.

My Pad’s been giving me problems aplenty for the past year, routinely shutting itself down. The final straw came when the speaker went bust (most likely because of me sweaty hands short-circuiting its innards, arr) yesterday and the day before. So I traded the Pad in, along with Tim’s old Panasonic phone. Both fetched me only RM150 because the Pad’s spoiled, and Panasonic doesn’t have phone service centres in Malaysia.

I’m really quite all right with paying more if someone explains to me why. Justification makes me happy, I don’t like being left dangling. I need closure, yes, even from my handphone sellers.

So now I am the proud owner of the new Nokia 2760, in the metallic red/pink colour 😀 I only paid RM370 for it, which made me mighty happy. Yes, it’s original okayy.

Er. I also bought myself a 100GB external hard disk yesterday because of the eclipse (whatever will I think of next as a reason to shop, tsk) jamming up my technological gadgetry and stuff, so I need to back all my stuff up; on top of that I’m running out of space to store my mighty large music collection. I paid RM230 🙂

Which brings it to RM600 spent in 2 days, yeeps -_-”

I shall have to subsist on plain rice and/or fruit and/or toilet paper for the next two months to ensure I still have enough money to pay for my ticket back to Melbourne. I’m thinking of setting up a Fly Melody to Melbourne fund. Chip in with loose change, anyone? Using coins at the toll plazas are just so passe these days, everyone uses the Touch N’ Go (except me). So chuck me your loose change and I’ll be a happy little kitten 😀


Handed in the last of my three assignments due this week, on time.  Yes, you can all hate me ok, I don’t freaking care because I like my clean record of always being in time (save for last year’s Authorship paper, even then I was early for my extension date!).

While I was checking the technicalities of it with my lecturer, we ended up having a rather nice little chat in which she provided me with a clear(er) perspective of what I should/could do in the coming months, told in her low, comforting, dulcet tones.

She told me to follow my heart.

Yes, I know there are some of you huffing outrageously at this statement because it has been precisely what you have said, and I love you all for it (all.of.you). But sometimes it takes a bit of reiteration to really make it click and stay, no? And besides, third time’s the charm 😉

She was lovely about it, so lovely in fact, I wanted to cry. Because I think she gets me, she’s seen how intent I’ve been on matching last semester’s results, and how worried I am over the weeks and months to come. Also, because it’s the Assunta connection, you know? *wiggles eyebrows*

Haha I’m full of bullshit. But moving on.

She told me it’s ok to do what I want to do, because I’d be doing myself and those around me a great injustice if I feel a sense of responsibility only to them and not to myself—the great downfall of being the eldest child. In a way, it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in going through the feelings of being unprepared to face the working world, and that I can be a writer and a dreamer and work with children 🙂

I know that I know all this already, deep inside, but there’s something to be said about hearing one’s choices affirmed and validated by someone else, especially someone who one reveres.

And best of all, hearing about Tim, she did not judge me. I like people who do not judge (or at least make surface statements that make it appear as though they are judging) or those who keep it to themselves, because I don’t like judging others. She was also actually very encouraging, telling me that there are heaps more opportunities in Australia lest I decide to relocate there, though it will of course come with a whole new set of difficulties.

But the talk was also good, because it made me think. You don’t necessarily have to have everything mapped out and planned and at your fingertips, though kudos to you if you do. Life’s too short to be picked apart and analysed, and mapping out your future too far ahead. And as cliche as it sounds, I guess we really do too often forget to live in the moment.

So, sod making money, and screw trying to make everybody else happy. I want to write, so write I shall, and I shall look for opportunities that will enable me to do this and impact my readers (hey look, I’m doing it now!) and hopefully, get paid for it.

Love will find a way, and a love for a form of expression, of a calling, of a gift, even more so.

I am happy now.


By the way, I have decided that there are three things I hate very very much (I am happy to make this public knowledge so that people will stop annoying me by saying these things; or if I know you know I have mentioned these things but you still do it anyway, I can take it as you just trying to annoy me):

  1. Being forced to play cards. I. HATE. PLAYING. CARDS. (don’t ask me why, I also dunno)
  2. Being told to learn another language, especially Mandarin. What the fuck, I like la! I don’t question why you can’t speak Swahili or Hindi, so why do you question my decision to not learn Chinese? And don’t give me bullcrap about China’s market opening, I know it’s opening la for goodness’ sake. But if I don’t want to learn, does it impact you? No. So shush.
  3. Driving. Period.

August 3, 2007

spontaneous shopping

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After a few…erm, days…of being shopping deprived (the last ‘spree’ was two tank tops at FOS (only like, my favourite shop, ever) for RM16 and a black belt for RM10, so it hardly counts), I drove myself, Jo and Mun Teng to The Summit (don’t diss it ok, I swear to God it has nice stuff) for an arvo of alleged window-shopping.

Yearrite, as if it’s ever just window shopping with us! I probably spent the least (damage to wallet was about RM65), Mun Teng blew a whole lot of cash and Jo was in-between. I wouldn’t say it’s so much about the shopping, but the hilariousness that these two women bring along with them. Jo tried on the most bizarre clothing combinations for laughs and then we all did something completely random—

All three of us bought the same string bikini in metallic gold, silver and black PVC. It started off as a joke, me laughing that we should each get one, put it on, and dance around singing pop songs. When we realised it was only RM15.90 for the set (not bad quality too okay!) Jo and I got one each (MT refused in the end, the wet blanket) so Jo turned back and bought it for her as a belated birthday present.

I’m not gonna put pictures up because firstly it’s rather obscene, and my bikini will probably get stuffed at the back of my lingerie drawer to never be seen again.  It’s just something hilarious and completely nutty we do, because all three of us have fire signs rising—they’re both Sagittarius rising and I’m an Aries rising! Strange, because Tim’s a Sagittarius rising too! Gasp.

Ya ya ok I know I’m nattering, I’m just super excited.

I got two dresses for RM50. In total, not each! I’m superfreaking happy.

Nice right? I like red all the sudden. My fire bits are rejoicing.

I really like this dress too. As I told the girls, this kinda thing, pregnant next time also can wear! 😀

Speaking of pregnancies I had a very strange dream that I had a very fat, squishy and unspeakably adorable baby girl. Everybody loved her and wanted to hold her, even my deceased grandfather, which evokes warmfuzzyfeelings inside, because I do feel sad that he’s no longer around 😦 He’d have been so proud to know that I’m doing so well for myself.

Anyhoo, last night was Kwo Kuang’s surprise birthday paaaaartaaaay at Souled Out in Hartamas. Funny, the food used to be a lot better than I remembered! For some reason I was ravenous, and upon cleaning up my plate, proceeded to attack Jo’s leftover carbonara with gusto.

KK’s expression was a hoot when he saw the lot of us 🙂 I shall spare a running commentary; as usual I will refer you to Jolene’s blog (there, on my sidebar, lah!) for pictures and a more amusing account of things because I think I was very very sleepy and lethargic at one point because I didn’t stop eating.

So, it’s August now 🙂 Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious, but this means three more months till I’m back in Melbourne! I’m superduper excited and can’t wait to zoom through these last few weeks of uni so I can really get out there without being bound by assignments and class attendance, though obviously later on I will be restricted by work contracts and shit. Gaaaaaaah.

I should also stop shopping. Goddammit! I really don’t need anything else *grimace*.

On to work, more updates of actual substance later when I’m in a less flighty fairy mood.

July 3, 2007


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It’s official; Jolene and I are doinks.

It’s a sweltering Tuesday afternoon, 1.30, to be exact, and we’ve just concluded a weird MSN-convo which involved both us us griping about Maybank2U.

We both accused each other (jokingly, of course) of clogging up the customer service phonelines, and upon inquiring what each others’ business in calling them up, we both discovered we were both having problems with our TAC/mobile phones.

Because we were both buying things online at the same time.

From the same website.



Ahem. Conclusion is, we’re both idiots. Heh.


Guess who’s going to be writing for hip magazine KLue 😀

Ok, it’s not set in stone yet, but I’ll be doing two nightlife reviews, which I find highly amusing.

Me, the poster girl for curfews, going ot at night to KL/Bangsar and doing nightlife reviews.

D’oh indeed.

I’m grouping my homies, to see who’s interested in scouting out some places with me 🙂 My deadline’s July 13 (the mother’s birthday, the day results come out, Friday the 13th!) so I’ll definitely be done by then. I’m not going to tell you which place I’m going to, because you should buy KLue when it comes out and search for my byline, and my review 😀

On a happy-dappy-frappy note, another MATTA fair is coming up on September 7th-9th at PWTC 😀 Needless to say, I’m going to be there to buy my ticket to fly ‘home’ (because home is where the heart is?)  to Melbourne. Now I know there are lots of cases of people being swindled, but I intend on going directly to MAS or whosoever has the cheaper rates to fly there.

Hopefully no conning involved.


On another note, I’ve just finished Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. If you haven’t read it yet, or are in the process of reading it, beware, spoiler alerts.
Thanks to Writing Techniques, I now analyse everything I read. It’s frustrating and annoying, let me tell you, but it also coaches you to recognising truly exceptional pieces of literature.

Hosseini’s debut novel was rather enjoyable, but what I didn’t like too much was the extremess of his characters. I believe you don’t have to make your characters ‘extreme’, as in extremely bad or extremely good to relate to them. By having human characters, your readers relate much better. At least in my opinion they do.

You had meek, scholarly, privileged Amir; his big, strong, tough, manly father who does not shower with him the attention he wants; hare-lipped, uneducated, brave, loyal Hassan, Amir’s servant and childhood friend; Ali, Hassan’s father who is also disfigured and has polio…later on in the book, Amir’s father dies of cancer, his future wife is a non-virgin, Hassan’s family is murdered, Hassan’s son Sohrab is raped and later attempts suicide..honestly, it’s one malady after another. One malady too many, if you ask me.

However, I liked the simplistic prose, and the scattering of Farsi words that lent an air of realism to the story—you felt part of Afghani culture, and I must say it presented an alternative view of the Afghanistan we all know today. The book also explores themes of diaspora, ethnicity (the Pashtuns and the Hazaras), religion (Sunni vs. Shi’ite Muslims), loyalty, redemption…There was also a lot of symbolism; the kite representing freedom, liberation, fellowship; books and literature standing for education and a transition to a ‘higher’ class, etc.

I also could not put the book down; Hosseini’s words flow smoothly, though the transition from Amir’s childhood to his adult life is very…bumpy. I didn’t quite like the transition, but as two separate parts of a book, they work fine.

Like I said, I liked the book fine; it’s pretty darn good for a debut. However, I will maintain that there were too many cliches and predictable eye-rolling instances, like when Sohrab tries to kill himself, and when the evil Taliban man turns out to be this horrible Afghani/German who raped Hassan as a child.

But yeah, ramblings aside, it’s a good book, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Hosseini’s work 🙂

You can wipe the drool off your chin now, I’m done. Heh.

June 27, 2007

my mum brought me shopping o_O

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I knooooooooooooow. Even my title for this post, it doesn’t quite gel does it? But yes it did happen, and while I am rejoicing, I am secretly wondering what motive there is (obviously it’s to keep me here, but it was a rhetorical question anyways).

Having heard me go on about the RM10 skirts at Summit (stop laughing, actually got some quite nice things there okayyyy! Don’t go and pick the lala shit la!) and what with her still being off and me having itchy feet, we decided to go shopping. I felt quite bad really because we ended up buying a lot of stuff for me and nothing for her—I shan’t complain so much now about her nicking all my stuff because at the end of the day she’s the one who paid for it (and gave birth to me, etc etc etc).

Are you still unconvinced Summit has nice things? Lemme prove you wrong.

Bright yellow buckled flats—RM10. Yes, you saw right. RM10.

A gorgeous linen-ish cropped jacket in contrasting stitches with the cutest puff sleeves at the Thai Fair on Level 2—RM25.

A chocolate corduroy jacket (which this picture doesn’t do justice to because the fit is fabulous, dahling)—RM29.

A really cute red top with interesting collar details and embroidered flowers—RM10.

And bestest and gorgeous-est of all….

A gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous white dress with detailed collar and chest, with lining, and a sweet bow! The material is fabulous, the fit is fabulous, the price, most fabulous of all (because I’ve run out of adjectives)! RM75!! It was RM99.90 but my mum haggled it down to RM75 because it was the last one.


I still need to recover from this strange episode. Shopping. With. My. Mum.


I was just remarking to Tim as I was showing him my new buys via webcam on Skype (I love Skype. Have I ever said it here? Man. I love Skype.)  that it’s a good thing I lost all the Aussie weight I gained because here, the nice clothes often come in one size and one size only—skinny. And I’m not even that skinny!

Therefore everything is just a perfect fit—a little bit more weightgain on my side and I’d be busting out of my clothes, unintentionally, too.

Hello, no wonder so many Malaysian chicks are like sticks (ooh I made a rhyme lalala)—the clothes don’t fit otherwise! It’s really disappointing though, because it’s a form of descrimination against my curvier sistahs. I really hate buying pants here also because I happen to have a very bootylicious behind; this results in me getting pants that are too long and loose around the thighs because I have wider hips.

Ugh! I hate how we’re all supposed to fit this one jelly mould of bodytype. It’s unfair, descriminatory, stupid and elitist. No wonder so many skinny chicks are smug *grimace*. I promise I’ll do my damndest not to be one of them. I feel you, my curvy sistahs.

end of exams/new car/i’m so postmodern!

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Yesterday was a superhappening day to say the least.

I finished my exams (for good, I hope! Next sem, as I’ve been gloating continuously ad infinitum, I haven’t got any exams bwahahaha *snooty face*), waking up at 4am for last minute mugging and drinking the free Tongkat Ali 3-1 coffee my Dad brought back one day (‘Power Root’ it says on the sachet, haha double innuendo!) and having the caffeine and Tongkat Ali high wear off an hour into my PR exam resulting in me almost falling face-flat onto my half-scribbled exam paper. Followed up by a lunch/goss session with my fave Singkie (if Hong Kong people are Hongkies, Singaporeans are Singkies!) Farhanah a.k.a. Bonch-Bonch.

Home home home, just as I was about to pass out my mum called me downstairs to go to Glenmarie, which can only mean one thing.

Test drive new car.

But today it wasn’t a nice car or anything, so pause the excited exclaimations. It’s only a Proton, which at RM26,999 is the cheapest brand new car in the Malaysian car market. Now also before you start slagging off Proton, let me just say that beggars can’t be choosers, and I only plan on using it for a year or two.

Le new car. I have decided to call it Black (Scrap) Metal when it arrives 😀

There were two colour options, black or orange—obviously I took black. What with my midnight curfew and a pumpkin orange car, I’d just be itching to be called Cinderella.

I can get it within two or three weeks, which is just in time for the new semester. The new campus being so bloody far from the bus stop, let’s just say I’m grateful to have a car at all! I mean I know Proton’s been getting all sorts of shit from everyone (most of it well-deserved) and it’s prices are unjustifiably high…like I mean, come on, the new Iswara’s car doors are hollow. The speedometer, aircon, everything looks plastic and tacky, tacky, tacky.


Ok, I actually don’t have a point, I’m just grabbing at strings here. But I will maintain however that a car is better than no car! Hee.

I was listening to this song yesterday while I was studying for my PR exam and it made me break out in giggles. Heh.


I’m so postmodern that I just don’t talk anymore, I wear different coloured t-shirts according to my mood.

I’m so postmodern that I work from home as a surf life saving consumer hotline.

I’m so postmodern all my clothes are made out of sleeping bags, I don’t need pockets, I’m a pocket myself.

I’m so postmodern I go to parties I’m not invited to and locate the vegemite and write my name on everyone.

I’m so postmodern that I write reviews for funerals, and heckle at weddings from inside a suitcase.

I’m so postmodern I’m going to adopt a child, and teach him how to knit, and call him Adolf Diggler.

I’m so postmodern that I break dance in waiting rooms, play Yahtzee in nightclubs, at three in the afternoon.

I’m so postmodern I only go on dates that last thirteen minutes, via walky talky, while hiding under the bed.

I’m so postmodern I invite strangers to my house, and put on a slide show of other people’s Nans.

I’m so postmodern I went home and typed up everything you said and printed it out in wingdings and gave it back to you.

I’m so postmodern I held an art exhibition – a Chuppa Chup stuck to a swimming cap, and no one was invited.

I’m so postmodern I make alphabet soup, and dye it purple, and pour it on the lawn.

I’m so postmodern I request Hey Mona on karaoke, then sing my life story to the tune of My Sharona.

I’m so postmodern I only think in palindromic haikus – “Madam, I, Glenelg, I’m Adam!”

I’m so postmodern that I sit down to wee, and stand up to poo, at job interviews.

I’m so postmodern that I dress up as Santa, in the middle of August, and haunt golf courses.

I’m so postmodern that I cut off all my hair, and knitted it into a beanie, and threw it off a bridge.

I’m so postmodern that I stole everyone’s mail, and cut them up into a ransom note and hid it in a thermos.

I’m so postmodern I take my lego to the supermarket and build my own shopping trolley, and only buy one nut.

I’m so postmodern I wrote a letter to the council – .I think it was ‘M.’

I’m so postmodern I bought a round the world plane ticket, and stuffed my clothes with eggplant and pretended it was me.

I’m so postmodern I’ve got a tattoo of my pin number in hieroglyphics on my neighbour’s guide dog.

I’m so postmodern I fought my way into parliament and made a law banning Nuttelex, and then moved to Spain.

I’m so postmodern that I iron all my lettuce leaves, put my shirts in the crisper – they’re real crisp.

I’m so postmodern I give live mice to buskers, dirty tea towels to the Mormons, and pavlova to crabs.

I’m so postmodern that I live in a tent, on a platform of skateboards that’s tied to a tram.

I’m so postmodern I write four thousand-word essays on the cultural significance of party pies.

I’m so postmodern I recite Shakespeare at KFC drive thru, through a megaphone, in sign language.

I’m so postmodern I’m going to watch the Olympics on a black & white TV, with the sound down.

I’m so postmodern I go to the gym after hours, push up against the door, then cry myself to sleep.

I’m so postmodern I wrote a trilogy of novels from the perspective of a possum that Jesus patted once.

I’m so postmodern that I marry all my friends, soak myself in metho, and tell them that they’ve changed.

I’m so postmodern I bought every book written in 1963 as a reading challenge, and clogged up a waterslide.

I’m so postmodern I think I might be a god in my undies rolling in sugar, in the carpark of a rodeo.

I’m so postmodern I prerecorded this song, and laced a message subliminally telling Shane Porteous to buy a smock.

I reckon the Communications lecturers would be shaking their heads incredulousy while my classmates would be sniggering. I’m tempted to send it to Dr.Yeoh for laughs.

June 18, 2007

i cracked.

Posted in Sad Stuff, Shopping! at 5:16 pm by meldee


Since today was the last day for me to drive the Mucus Green Shitty Manual Iswara With No Power Steering, I decided to bring my grandma out shopping 🙂 Or rather, I decided to go shopping and I dragged my grandma with me, not that she’d complain–she loves going out but nobody seems to have the patience to walk with her because she can be very…err…slow.

So I did, because I’m awesome 😀 And also cos I have an itchy backside.

Got this at Sachs—perfect for work! With my grandma goading me on about how big and practical it is, the fact that it was 70% off—RM229 down to RM68 clinched it. Whee! Er, the flowers are me trying to add ‘effect’. LOL. They were from the Kiwi on Valentine’s Day ❤

A nice enough looking top for RM23.90 at some Amour (the one in Taipan USJ 9– love that place) lookalike, called Love It. There were some really sweet looking dress/tunic type tops but my fashion advisor a.k.a. gran said it looked very Cheena. So, er. Yeah.

I only got those two things, but since I was in a photo-ey mood, I decided to go snap happy.

My cousin got this bag for me from Bangkok—bloody hell, it was only RM20! 😦 I want to go Bangkok again.

A skirt I picked up at Summit for RM10 a while back when I was doing an interview 🙂 I love fuss-free skirts like these, plus it had nice lining inside.

Oh, oh! I was so overjoyed to discover that the Parkson in Parade has a Dorothy Perkins thingie 😀 I love DP.


On a more serious note, I was just informed of a fatal shootout in Melbourne’s CBD. Read about it here. It happened this morningand was supposedly sparked off by a bar row.

My girls in Melbourne, please be careful. The gunman is still at large. Sighs. So much senseless violence out there, a life wasted in attempts to save another one. What is this world coming to :/