November 14, 2007

danger gardens, woo~

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I was bunny-hopping around online for a public transport how-to to PWTC for an event tomorrow and I found this on the official PWTC site.

See this? Β  ^ Taman Bahaya as opposed to Taman Bahagia. For the non-Malay speakers, it may not sound like it, but there’s hell lots of a difference mmkay! Because from Happy/Peaceful Gardens (Taman Bahagia), it’s been changed to Danger(ous) Gardens (Taman Bahaya).

Haha. Boob watch of the day. I wonder if Danger Mouse (remember Danger Mouse? And his eye patch?) lives in Taman Bahaya.


I vow never to undertake a project of such meticulous detail, ever again. For the first time in 8 years, ‘we’, as in, my family, have decided to re-paint the God-awful grilles and doors in the house because, well, dammit, it’s been 8 years.

Guess who the lucky painter is. Yup, just me.

I’d give my brother some credit (because he painted one coat of paint on one door, and did the base coat for the front grille) but each time after he paints he complains of being so tired he can die, and promptly drops off to sleep.

Today I painted for 6 hours straight (nope, not even a toilet break!) and now I’m aching all over.

I hate the sight of paint now. And I still have a long way to go. Gaah.


October 21, 2007

sunday anecdotes

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So I headed over to Izuan’s by my lonesome today for his Raya Open House (more like, Open Mansion, tcah!) as Zhen Yao and Kathia regrettably had other stuff to do. I was pretty much all geared up to go adventuring into the wilderness of Shah Alam, and was determined to go alone.

And I found it! Yay πŸ™‚

Anyway, there, amidst the of insecurity/awe driving down the roads and gawping dumbly at the positively palatial proportions of some of the properties (oooh, alliteration!), I was looking forward to the food, but of course πŸ™‚ Met a few people from uni there, Shazeea, Cze Wien, Desmond, Daleel, Taha…and some of Izuan’s friends, of course.

Among the topics of discussion were of course, our Can-or-Not up in space, and among the uni lot, some of the stuff that went on in the new council’s meeting which I absolutely howled my head off at.

We were talking about making contraceptives readily/easily available to young women in the Wom*n’s Room next semester, provided they use itΒ  properly, and with their own prior knowledge (disclaimer: I am not encouraging premarital sex, I am encouraging educated decisions on matters including and especially sexual intercourse). The discussion turned to other forms of contraception such as the birth control pill (not the student’s place to decide—these have to be prescribed by a medical practitioner!), female condoms, etc—

while reiterating the fact that we are not advocating sex per se, but safe sex. And at this point someone piped up, “Well, I have a solution—we should just take the money and buy vibrators, that way there are no STD/pregnancy scares and everybody will be happy”.

I received some mighty strange looks from all the middle-aged folk around us, LOL.

Another hilarious thing, Shazeea, who gave Taha and Daleel lifts to Izuan’s from Sunway, had to leave early, so I offered to drop them back seeing as how I’m only a little over 5km away. Mind you, these two guys, are heaps tall. As in, I reckon Taha’s well over 6ft, and Daleel’s taller than him. Fitting them in the car, Taha had to sit in front with the seat all the way back, and Daleel had to go in the back seat sideways.

I was tickled at this; I must have been the least likely candidate for a carjacking/assault *choi, touch wood* with these two guys in my car! Needless to say, BSM* (car’s name, will not spell it out in case someone takes offense to me stating the obvious with regards to Proton’s (sheer lack of) quality) was straining heavily—it helped not that I got us a little lost on the way back, and ended up in Batu Tiga!

The drive back, was needless to say, highly entertaining πŸ™‚

All in all, a good weekend. Saturday was spent in the final MUSA Council Meeting (from 10am-4pm!), cleaning up the Elections Committee office (sob, goodbye, old friend!), embarking on another mini-adventure to send Yee Hou home in Kelana Jaya, and then doing yoga with the kids at the childcare centre! Total wipeout.

Bring on the final week of my undergraduate year, yeah baby!

October 15, 2007


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MY BOYFRIEND IS SO DAMN HOT. *fans self and runs for cold shower*

Is it normal to be so enamoured with one’s other half?

Especially over a year into the relationship, though mind you, more than half of it has been long distance. Pfft.

But damn, baby, he’s hot o_O

Β ***

Mun Teng and I today reached a milestone in our relationship: we’re co-purchasing stuff.

More like, sharing the cost of a dress we both love, that is not expensive at all to begin with but since we both vowed not to spend money on anything except food at Bangsar today, we both decided splitting a dress (we’re going to share custody *grin*) over counts as half breaking our vows.

I just figured out why I can’t upload pictures—exceeded my damned Dropshots bandwidth. Gaah. Will use Flickr when I can be bothered to, right now I just want to lie back and fan myself and repeat over and over (with much awe): my boyfriend is so hot, my boyfriend is so hot….

Hands off girls, he’s mine.

October 13, 2007

shoes are evil/ whee!

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At the insistence of my Sg. Petani-studying friend who wanted to pay homage to the extension of our haunt Sunway Pyramid (because this is where we spent our formative (shopping) years, e.g. adolescence), I decided to bring her out on a date, just the two of us *shimmies to the Will Smith song in my head*, for dinner and a lookaround.

So enamoured were we with the sleek new decor, it seemed to also induce a false sense of bargain shopping when put in a new setting with everything on sale, because with everything looking so high-end (save for the price tags, which were still reasonable!) we (ok, I) got lulled into thinking that everything was damn cheap.

Especially since I don’t need to scrimp like mad anymore for Melbourne and the rapidly skyrocketing exchange rate! So what to do, shop la!Β  πŸ˜€

But because we had to eat first to get our strength we had Subway (Subway Melt, yum how I’ve missed you! Boo to no real ham though :|) . Was feeling a bit sore also because Tim MMS-ed me a picture of the boxful of Krispy Kremes Aki brought back from the city. I really miss those nights, chilling with the three guys (Tim, Gee and Aki—muhibbah, sial: one Kiwi/Australian, one Indian, one Japanese and lil’ ol’ Malaysian me) in Gee’s room watching movies and eating πŸ˜›

But nevermind! All feelings of jealousy can be countered with new purchases.

I was so jealous in fact I had to buy two pairs of shoes (hahaha), pictures of which I am unable to upload as my Dropshots bandwidth has been exceeded. Jo took one picture of my new haircut, so hop by her blog on the Blogroll there in a few days and hope it’s up πŸ™‚ Imma soooo loving my new shoes—a pair of red patent wedge heels (va-va-voom!) and a pair of neon pink quilted ballet flats, which I absolutely tumbled head over heels in love with that we ducked into the shop at closing time and begged them to let us just buy that one pair.


I spent a grand total ofΒ  RM75 on my two pairs of shoes and I hereby vow to love and cherish them till (their) death do us part. They look fabulous with my MNG skinny jeans, by the way πŸ˜‰

By the way I have just recently made the most feral, auntie-ish purchase ever but I’m so happy I don’t care what you think! While at Watsons with my grandma I saw these super low-cut cotton sockette-type things for RM5.90 that can be worn with ballet flats. As I (I dunno about how many of you would even admit to this) have sweaty feet and love my ballet flats and thus often have the problem of slippery (smelly?) feet after a few hours in them, I thought, what the heck, and picked up a (flesh-coloured okay!) pair.

When I got home and tried them on, they fit a dream with all my ballet flats (yes, all 26 pairs of them (ok maybe I exaggerate) and all my covered-toe pumps too!)Β  and you honestly can’t even see it because they’re so low! Plus they’re comfy and prevent blisters. So I don’t care how auntie you think it is, I’m happy; so happy in fact I must share this with everyone else who has this problem πŸ™‚ Remember, it only works properly if they’re the cotton ones (the pantyhose material ones, honestly, what’s the point?!) and flesh-coloured…the black ones are just a faux pas in my humble opinion, unless you’re looking to make a statement.

Here’s to happy feet! Happy with new shoes, new auntie solutions to old problems, and a pair of those Scholl Party Feet thingamajigs that will come in handy the next time I go out clubbing (which may be within the next 2 months, though I am not too sure myself as I reckon I’ve filled my Clubbing Quota for the year).


I also got an offer from Monash Caulfield for their Master of Communication and Media Studies program πŸ™‚Β  That’s two offers now; I plan on applying to a few other places. The University of South Australia, University of Sydney an University of Queensland are also all on my list—haha talk about state diversity!

I’m hoping to increase my chances of scholarships, though I am also quite doubtful in securing one as the academic requirements are something crazy :/ If I don’t get one; it’s all good, I’ll just lug my ass off to work and reapply in a few years when I have proper full-time industry experience. The Chevening/Chevaning? scholarships offered by the Brits look pretty damn good; however they privilege those with work experience and who are above the age of 25.

Like I said, no rush, no worries. I reckon I’m in a good place because at least I have options. Nevertheless, it’s nice knowing I would have a place to further my studies if I had the money to, because my brainpower is wanted πŸ™‚


I want to shop some more! But I don’t want to spend money. Heh.

September 8, 2007


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My ‘preferred choice’ for Mr. Monash, a.k.a Jason…now we are truly a pair. Jason has a gammy leg thanks to a fall, and we were having a bit of a giggle over it during the Monash Talent Time.

When I left the auditorium to head for home, I fell over the steps and twisted my ankle.

I am now temporarily disabled and have a swollen blue ankle.

It’s wrapped up well and smothered in deep heat cream.


This did not, however, stop me from driving to IMU, walking around for their 15th anniversary/carnival (for R.Age–Goddammit the things I do for money *huffs*) , or driving back to PJ and taking the LRT to Central Market for the art therapy workshop I pledged myself to. It was lovely, in brief, albeit for the clear language barrier between us and the Myanmarese kids. Have some lovely photos, maybe I will post them in the next post πŸ™‚

It really annoyed me though on the LRT that when a rather pregnant young woman got on, nobody offered her a seat. In fact, everybody avoided eye contact. I glared at everyone before proceeding to very loudly offer her my seat and make a show of limping over to the little nook by the door where she had been standing. Thankfully I was only one stop away.

They did not even have the decency to look shamed some more! Bloody hell, I hate inconsiderate people. Get off your bloody fat arses and give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you can or not? Gaah.

Remember to vote for me ok. Perhaps all week I can hobble around with a cane, or an umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh, eh–by the way I LOVE the Mandy Moore version of it!)Β  and jab people if they won’t vote for me. Or Jason and I can take mad photos with our wrapped-up ankles and look as merry as we can.

Good stunt eh? However, unlike most stunts, this one is actually real *grimace*.

July 3, 2007


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It’s official; Jolene and I are doinks.

It’s a sweltering Tuesday afternoon, 1.30, to be exact, and we’ve just concluded a weird MSN-convo which involved both us us griping about Maybank2U.

We both accused each other (jokingly, of course) of clogging up the customer service phonelines, and upon inquiring what each others’ business in calling them up, we both discovered we were both having problems with our TAC/mobile phones.

Because we were both buying things online at the same time.

From the same website.



Ahem. Conclusion is, we’re both idiots. Heh.


Guess who’s going to be writing for hip magazine KLue πŸ˜€

Ok, it’s not set in stone yet, but I’ll be doing two nightlife reviews, which I find highly amusing.

Me, the poster girl for curfews, going ot at night to KL/Bangsar and doing nightlife reviews.

D’oh indeed.

I’m grouping my homies, to see who’s interested in scouting out some places with me πŸ™‚ My deadline’s July 13 (the mother’s birthday, the day results come out, Friday the 13th!) so I’ll definitely be done by then. I’m not going to tell you which place I’m going to, because you should buy KLue when it comes out and search for my byline, and my review πŸ˜€

On a happy-dappy-frappy note, another MATTA fair is coming up on September 7th-9th at PWTC πŸ˜€ Needless to say, I’m going to be there to buy my ticket to fly ‘home’ (because home is where the heart is?)Β  to Melbourne. Now I know there are lots of cases of people being swindled, but I intend on going directly to MAS or whosoever has the cheaper rates to fly there.

Hopefully no conning involved.


On another note, I’ve just finished Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. If you haven’t read it yet, or are in the process of reading it, beware, spoiler alerts.
Thanks to Writing Techniques, I now analyse everything I read. It’s frustrating and annoying, let me tell you, but it also coaches you to recognising truly exceptional pieces of literature.

Hosseini’s debut novel was rather enjoyable, but what I didn’t like too much was the extremess of his characters. I believe you don’t have to make your characters ‘extreme’, as in extremely bad or extremely good to relate to them. By having human characters, your readers relate much better. At least in my opinion they do.

You had meek, scholarly, privileged Amir; his big, strong, tough, manly father who does not shower with him the attention he wants; hare-lipped, uneducated, brave, loyal Hassan, Amir’s servant and childhood friend; Ali, Hassan’s father who is also disfigured and has polio…later on in the book, Amir’s father dies of cancer, his future wife is a non-virgin, Hassan’s family is murdered, Hassan’s son Sohrab is raped and later attempts suicide..honestly, it’s one malady after another. One malady too many, if you ask me.

However, I liked the simplistic prose, and the scattering of Farsi words that lent an air of realism to the story—you felt part of Afghani culture, and I must say it presented an alternative view of the Afghanistan we all know today. The book also explores themes of diaspora, ethnicity (the Pashtuns and the Hazaras), religion (Sunni vs. Shi’ite Muslims), loyalty, redemption…There was also a lot of symbolism; the kite representing freedom, liberation, fellowship; books and literature standing for education and a transition to a ‘higher’ class, etc.

I also could not put the book down; Hosseini’s words flow smoothly, though the transition from Amir’s childhood to his adult life is very…bumpy. I didn’t quite like the transition, but as two separate parts of a book, they work fine.

Like I said, I liked the book fine; it’s pretty darn good for a debut. However, I will maintain that there were too many cliches and predictable eye-rolling instances, like when Sohrab tries to kill himself, and when the evil Taliban man turns out to be this horrible Afghani/German who raped Hassan as a child.

But yeah, ramblings aside, it’s a good book, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Hosseini’s work πŸ™‚

You can wipe the drool off your chin now, I’m done. Heh.