March 1, 2009

the sisterhood

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I am in hiding today.Β 

(I need these spells of alone time).

Avoiding (most) human contact.Β 

So I read (finished the last of the bloody Twilight series, no pun intended–I intensely dislike the characters but wanted to finish reading it just so I could say I’d read it) and I watch DVDs.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 was on my list of movies. I’d never seen TSOTTP1 but I figure it can’t be too different. Miracles of miracles, I actually quite liked it.

I credit Alexis Bledel, I think she’s as cute as a button and I am utterly in love with the character she plays in Gilmore Girls.

Digressions aside, it made me think about how much I miss my sisterhood. Back in the day there were 10, but since we left high school (shock and horror) five years ago the numbers of the Dahlings (cheesy name, long story) have since dwindled.

I don’t know what’s on everyone’s mind anymore. I don’t know about the love/relationship dramas, the conflicts with silly ex-boyfriends, the money matters (increasingly so, since most of us have started to live away from home and on our own paychecks—not that mine’s arrived yet), the spells of loneliness/anger/depression/mellowness…

It’s something I suppose we’ll never get back, and it makes me sad. If only we’d known this back then, perhaps we’d have tried harder. Or perhaps things would still be the way they are now, because that’s how it was meant to be.

Still, I can’t help missing what I once held so close to my heart.

I miss you, girls.


December 12, 2007


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Again, more depressing news in the media.

The unwarranted and completely unnecessary arrests of several Bersih and Opposition leaders and supporters intending on peaceably handing over a memorandum to protest the extension of the retirement age for the EC chairperson.

This time, I actually personally know one of those arrested. I neglected my news-reading yesterday as I was feeling under the weather, but feeling much better today I did a bit more reading (digression: I really do need to start work on my Honours thesis ideas).

All I can say is that I am appalled that the authorities have resorted to such scare tactics to prevent the public from speaking out against the way ‘they’ do things. Our democratic system is clearly a farce.


On to other stuff, as I’m quite distracted by my incessant and extremely painful back pains.


After months and months, Esther Phan is finally home and in great form πŸ˜€ Hanging out with the girls this morning over our roti brunch and then heading to Sushers’ for the cool air (and clean toilet, heh) to yabber on and on, was just like old times. Lovely.

Expect my updates to peter out slowly, as the Boyfriend arrives in 10 days and I am getting busier and busier.

I hope everyone keeps well and has a good holiday season to come, and that we’d stop hearing so much depressing news about our abusive authorities, dense policies, and plain stupid statements.

October 15, 2007


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MY BOYFRIEND IS SO DAMN HOT. *fans self and runs for cold shower*

Is it normal to be so enamoured with one’s other half?

Especially over a year into the relationship, though mind you, more than half of it has been long distance. Pfft.

But damn, baby, he’s hot o_O

Β ***

Mun Teng and I today reached a milestone in our relationship: we’re co-purchasing stuff.

More like, sharing the cost of a dress we both love, that is not expensive at all to begin with but since we both vowed not to spend money on anything except food at Bangsar today, we both decided splitting a dress (we’re going to share custody *grin*) over counts as half breaking our vows.

I just figured out why I can’t upload pictures—exceeded my damned Dropshots bandwidth. Gaah. Will use Flickr when I can be bothered to, right now I just want to lie back and fan myself and repeat over and over (with much awe): my boyfriend is so hot, my boyfriend is so hot….

Hands off girls, he’s mine.

October 13, 2007

shoes are evil/ whee!

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At the insistence of my Sg. Petani-studying friend who wanted to pay homage to the extension of our haunt Sunway Pyramid (because this is where we spent our formative (shopping) years, e.g. adolescence), I decided to bring her out on a date, just the two of us *shimmies to the Will Smith song in my head*, for dinner and a lookaround.

So enamoured were we with the sleek new decor, it seemed to also induce a false sense of bargain shopping when put in a new setting with everything on sale, because with everything looking so high-end (save for the price tags, which were still reasonable!) we (ok, I) got lulled into thinking that everything was damn cheap.

Especially since I don’t need to scrimp like mad anymore for Melbourne and the rapidly skyrocketing exchange rate! So what to do, shop la!Β  πŸ˜€

But because we had to eat first to get our strength we had Subway (Subway Melt, yum how I’ve missed you! Boo to no real ham though :|) . Was feeling a bit sore also because Tim MMS-ed me a picture of the boxful of Krispy Kremes Aki brought back from the city. I really miss those nights, chilling with the three guys (Tim, Gee and Aki—muhibbah, sial: one Kiwi/Australian, one Indian, one Japanese and lil’ ol’ Malaysian me) in Gee’s room watching movies and eating πŸ˜›

But nevermind! All feelings of jealousy can be countered with new purchases.

I was so jealous in fact I had to buy two pairs of shoes (hahaha), pictures of which I am unable to upload as my Dropshots bandwidth has been exceeded. Jo took one picture of my new haircut, so hop by her blog on the Blogroll there in a few days and hope it’s up πŸ™‚ Imma soooo loving my new shoes—a pair of red patent wedge heels (va-va-voom!) and a pair of neon pink quilted ballet flats, which I absolutely tumbled head over heels in love with that we ducked into the shop at closing time and begged them to let us just buy that one pair.


I spent a grand total ofΒ  RM75 on my two pairs of shoes and I hereby vow to love and cherish them till (their) death do us part. They look fabulous with my MNG skinny jeans, by the way πŸ˜‰

By the way I have just recently made the most feral, auntie-ish purchase ever but I’m so happy I don’t care what you think! While at Watsons with my grandma I saw these super low-cut cotton sockette-type things for RM5.90 that can be worn with ballet flats. As I (I dunno about how many of you would even admit to this) have sweaty feet and love my ballet flats and thus often have the problem of slippery (smelly?) feet after a few hours in them, I thought, what the heck, and picked up a (flesh-coloured okay!) pair.

When I got home and tried them on, they fit a dream with all my ballet flats (yes, all 26 pairs of them (ok maybe I exaggerate) and all my covered-toe pumps too!)Β  and you honestly can’t even see it because they’re so low! Plus they’re comfy and prevent blisters. So I don’t care how auntie you think it is, I’m happy; so happy in fact I must share this with everyone else who has this problem πŸ™‚ Remember, it only works properly if they’re the cotton ones (the pantyhose material ones, honestly, what’s the point?!) and flesh-coloured…the black ones are just a faux pas in my humble opinion, unless you’re looking to make a statement.

Here’s to happy feet! Happy with new shoes, new auntie solutions to old problems, and a pair of those Scholl Party Feet thingamajigs that will come in handy the next time I go out clubbing (which may be within the next 2 months, though I am not too sure myself as I reckon I’ve filled my Clubbing Quota for the year).


I also got an offer from Monash Caulfield for their Master of Communication and Media Studies program πŸ™‚Β  That’s two offers now; I plan on applying to a few other places. The University of South Australia, University of Sydney an University of Queensland are also all on my list—haha talk about state diversity!

I’m hoping to increase my chances of scholarships, though I am also quite doubtful in securing one as the academic requirements are something crazy :/ If I don’t get one; it’s all good, I’ll just lug my ass off to work and reapply in a few years when I have proper full-time industry experience. The Chevening/Chevaning? scholarships offered by the Brits look pretty damn good; however they privilege those with work experience and who are above the age of 25.

Like I said, no rush, no worries. I reckon I’m in a good place because at least I have options. Nevertheless, it’s nice knowing I would have a place to further my studies if I had the money to, because my brainpower is wanted πŸ™‚


I want to shop some more! But I don’t want to spend money. Heh.

September 19, 2007

my 15 seconds of fame/hairspray/i hate you lim su-hsien

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Me! Only a matter of time, my friends, before it’s my byline in the paper and not just me as an interviewee.

I got my 15Β  seconds of fame in today’s Youth2 section in The Star, available at this link. There’s also a follow-up story here which talks about my blogging, work, and (hee hee) Tim. While I am no doubt wriggling my toes with glee for the publicity (as a writer, communications student (not mass comm, yaaagh!) and er, general person with weird-ass name) I am also anticipating the day when it’ll be my byline in the national papers.

Went to Pyramid to watch Hairspray today with Sush, Adrian, Smuggy! (a.k.a. Yijin) and Adrian’s girlfriend/Sush’s housemate Delene. I loved Hairspray! It’s a text absochockfullutely of potential analysables. It’s also possibly one of the most (positively?) racist movies I’ve seen in a while, by virtue of the fact that highlighting the race issue brings the minorities further under the spotlight.

Yeslah, yeslah, i was anal-ysing it. I like la. But it was also a brilliant laugh—John Travolta in drag and dancing in heels, oh my! And Michelle Pfeiffer’s Velma Von Tussle is absolutely hateable in the most delicious manner! The songs were amazing, the costumes were to die for, and I’d love to learn me those dance moves!

Also, I am currently not too happy with Sush because see here, my hard work of not spending money unnecessarily for all these months, depriving myself of shopping, then BOOM! This woman comes back from the UK and in less than a week I’ve blown my entire monthly allowance *grumbles*. Last Saturday was this gorgeous kitsch parachute dress from Bangsar (my other purchase, a sheer-ish eyelet cotton tunic I fell in love with on my own accord), today was a killer pair of skinny jeans from Mango.

They’re also possibly the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of jeans (I cringe thinking about it) but this damn woman, my God, her silver tongue *blows raspberries at Sush*. Yaya, don’t give me nonsense about having a good eye ok woman. I know you’re secretly happy you didn’t walk out of MNG the only one with something.

But seriously, I look like a baby giraffe in it. As in, my legs look fab! *big shiny eyes* They’re also the first pair of jeans I’ve had in a while that actually fit—because, by George it’s a miracle—I’ve since gone down to a freaking size 6 since my last jeans purchase in…July?

Ugh. My ass has officially gone on a sabbatical. I know I used to gripe about having one, but now I really miss it and want it back 😦 But until then I shall gleefully wear my leg-elongating skinny jeans to death just to get enough mileage out of them for the price I paid.

I miss my ass 😦 It was kinda nice having something to flaunt; from a former hourglass figure I am now a….ruler. Baah.

And I don’t have an eating disorder by the way. I love my food. I need to eat three times a day, at least. I’ve just been scrimping on spending to save up for the Big Australia Trip—but then along came Sushers who’s shot all this to hell. Rawwwwwrrr!

Woman, I’m not going out with you again. Like, never. (or at least until next week ;))

September 15, 2007

reclaiming the social

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I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with work. I am terribly sick and tired of scanning through academic journals and readers and library books, so I am taking this weekend off πŸ™‚

Went to Maison (again! I hate the place! Rawr.) with Sush and her Warwick friends for Hon Win’s birthday—someone I actually know from high school πŸ™‚ There I ran into about a million people I knew—uni mates, high school mates and even a primary school friend whom I haven’t seen in years! Pictures are courtesy of Sush (on her Facebook site).

Meself in my much-adored “I’m a suffering uni student, ergo could not afford the other half of my top” toga, Smuggy! (a.k.a Pilot Han), E Guy my photobuddy (whose bum I think I smacked a few times that night—haha Jo your legacy is living on strong) and Sushers.

Jasmine (sp?), Low Jen (whom I know from my Interact days!), me and Sush. Ths was before we got shooed off from a nice cozy table over to the smokey jam-packed dancefloor. Thanks to Foong for driving us there and back, and being cheery and entertaining us with funky dance moves *:)

Oh gawd. The Long Island Ice Tea with a kick. 5 sips and my head was woozy.

By the way…I now am the not-so-proud bearer of a cigarette burn mark on my bare shoulder *scowls*. Some dude walking by accidentally pressed his cigarette into my back and at my horrified look at him, proceeded to try and hug me in apology. Thanks to Nadia and Taib for having my back πŸ™‚

I really like meeting new people. I was a little untalkative bunny though as I was kinda sleepy. Plus cigarette smoke and airconditioning always makes my eyes water and burn.

Tonight was a fondue treat at Haagen-Dazs from Miss Lim herself πŸ™‚ I drove the threesome of me, Sush and Munteng down to 1U—Esther Phan, your home away from home away from home! I promise to drive you there soon, when you come back, mmkay?

I’ve decided that I like driving with Sush as copilot because she doesn’t try and grab my steering wheel (hahahahahaha) cos I think the idea of her doing it to my manual car could result in havoc; plus she really knows her roads. I tend to switch my brain off when I’m driving with other people in the car as I expect them to do the signboard-reading and directioning for me. Terrible? No, I just believe in delegating and sharing duties.

Chocolate therapy. Thick, bittersweet milky chocolate and fresh fruits, ice cream balls, nuts and other yummies. *swoons*

Pardon the eyebags and pallid complexion, I am tired.

Sush and Munteng πŸ˜€ Two of my oldest and dearest friends in the whole wide world (the other 7 of you are M.I.A!)

I was very excited πŸ˜€

Thanks again Sushers babe for a good start to the weekend. I’ve been feeling so drained lately. Academia is such a tedious thing.

By the way. It was just brought to my attention the hardcore measures taken by some of the other candidates for the Mr/Ms Monash Pageant thing. I feel quite uneasy because by gosh and by golly, if you want it that much and have put that much work into it, you deserve to win la. I am so half-arsed about this (though I really wanna win because I like winning! Hello Aries) and let’s face it, I am hardly the pageanty kind. But oh well, I’ll remind you Monashians in Sunway again to drop votes off for me in the MUSA Lounge.

Cheers folks, and happy fasting to the Muslim readers πŸ™‚

I promise intellectual posts soon but I’m suffering from Brain Drain from being a big enough dork in my academic essays.

August 3, 2007

spontaneous shopping

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After a few…erm, days…of being shopping deprived (the last ‘spree’ was two tank tops at FOS (only like, my favourite shop, ever) for RM16 and a black belt for RM10, so it hardly counts), I drove myself, Jo and Mun Teng to The Summit (don’t diss it ok, I swear to God it has nice stuff) for an arvo of alleged window-shopping.

Yearrite, as if it’s ever just window shopping with us! I probably spent the least (damage to wallet was about RM65), Mun Teng blew a whole lot of cash and Jo was in-between. I wouldn’t say it’s so much about the shopping, but the hilariousness that these two women bring along with them. Jo tried on the most bizarre clothing combinations for laughs and then we all did something completely random—

All three of us bought the same string bikini in metallic gold, silver and black PVC. It started off as a joke, me laughing that we should each get one, put it on, and dance around singing pop songs. When we realised it was only RM15.90 for the set (not bad quality too okay!) Jo and I got one each (MT refused in the end, the wet blanket) so Jo turned back and bought it for her as a belated birthday present.

I’m not gonna put pictures up because firstly it’s rather obscene, and my bikini will probably get stuffed at the back of my lingerie drawer to never be seen again.Β  It’s just something hilarious and completely nutty we do, because all three of us have fire signs rising—they’re both Sagittarius rising and I’m an Aries rising! Strange, because Tim’s a Sagittarius rising too! Gasp.

Ya ya ok I know I’m nattering, I’m just super excited.

I got two dresses for RM50. In total, not each! I’m superfreaking happy.

Nice right? I like red all the sudden. My fire bits are rejoicing.

I really like this dress too. As I told the girls, this kinda thing, pregnant next time also can wear! πŸ˜€

Speaking of pregnancies I had a very strange dream that I had a very fat, squishy and unspeakably adorable baby girl. Everybody loved her and wanted to hold her, even my deceased grandfather, which evokes warmfuzzyfeelings inside, because I do feel sad that he’s no longer around 😦 He’d have been so proud to know that I’m doing so well for myself.

Anyhoo, last night was Kwo Kuang’s surprise birthday paaaaartaaaay at Souled Out in Hartamas. Funny, the food used to be a lot better than I remembered! For some reason I was ravenous, and upon cleaning up my plate, proceeded to attack Jo’s leftover carbonara with gusto.

KK’s expression was a hoot when he saw the lot of us πŸ™‚ I shall spare a running commentary; as usual I will refer you to Jolene’s blog (there, on my sidebar, lah!) for pictures and a more amusing account of things because I think I was very very sleepy and lethargic at one point because I didn’t stop eating.

So, it’s August now πŸ™‚ Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious, but this means three more months till I’m back in Melbourne! I’m superduper excited and can’t wait to zoom through these last few weeks of uni so I can really get out there without being bound by assignments and class attendance, though obviously later on I will be restricted by work contracts and shit. Gaaaaaaah.

I should also stop shopping. Goddammit! I really don’t need anything else *grimace*.

On to work, more updates of actual substance later when I’m in a less flighty fairy mood.

July 17, 2007

malaysian bloggers?

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Who are Malaysian Bloggers, really? And what would be a ‘Malaysian Blogger’s Day’? My good friend Miss Lai (who is almost done with exams by the way, huzzah!) offered a definition that ran thus:

“The definition of a Malaysian Blogger’s Day would be when everybody, every single blogger.. food bloggers, photographers who blog to showcase their creations, pink coloured lip gloss loving bimbo(in a good way) bloggers, diary bloggers, tech bloggers, car bloggers, parent bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, socio political bloggers and random blog reading enthusiasts…when these people come together, THAT’S a Malaysian Blogger’s Day.”

This was in response to an Advertlets-supported event held on July 14th that was allegedly for “bloggers all over Malaysia” to come and socialise, not to mention check out “Hot Hypertune Models and Cars”. Since Jolene did tirelessly blog an entire post about this, I shall hereby refer you to her blog (click on her link above) and follow the discussion, as well as feel free to add your two sen’s worth there, and here, if you wish.

As a Communications student and quasi-feminist (I do not feel qualified to call myself a fully-fledged one because I feel that I lack the foundation of feminist theories—which I plan on changing by participating in my womens’ studies unit—also, much as it shames me to admit this, I am a tad too self-absorbed to be a full-on feminist.

I do, however, believe in the freedom of informed choice, which to me, includes the choice to shave my legs and not have a unibrow as well as maintain my quasi-feminist views. In my opinion, just because one is a feminist, it is not a reasonable excuse to neglect one’s personal grooming for the sake of projecting a positive first impression. Because as much as we hate to admit it, everybody judges everybody’s appearances.

Er, what was I saying?

Yes, ok, as a student and quasi-feminist…looking at this ‘Malaysian Bloggers’ event from a feminist perspective and observing the somewhat tragic use of female models as bait to lure testosterone-laden males to the event, and the sheer lack of diversity in the choice of bloggers invited and the categorisation of certain females as ‘hot non-bloggers’ etc etc on the blogsite of an organiser (I was considering linking it, then decided against it because I refuse to start/antagonise a blog war among the two factions of blog-advertisers/mediums/whatnot (Nuffnang and Advertlets supporters, etc), quite sickened me.

Blogging is more than just talking about one’s day, rants, inner thoughts, etc, or politics, the environment, and more. It stands for something much more than that, it is the freedom to choose what we want to blog about, but to do it responsibly.

Unlike others, I do not ridicule or look down my nose at bloggers who choose to use their sites as spaces to talk about their days, their hopes and dreams, ambitions, etc…to showcase artwork and photography, achieve sexual gratification, indulge in narcissistic behaviour, kutuk the Government, their mothers, their lecturers, whatever.

Blogging is about freedom of expression, which is guaranteed under the Federal Constitution, which states under Article 10 that “every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression…all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms”, which of course, is subject to further restrictions.

Therefore, we are all participating in what Jurgen Habermas termed the ‘public sphere’, a space where every citizen has the right to gather, without discrimination, to voice matters of public opinion. And if you decide your day stuck in KL traffic constitutes public interest (because you may list roads which are particularly congested, to warn other motorists to stay away at a particular hour?), who is anyone to judge you on what qualifies as ‘quality’ blogging?

Elitist mentality aside, all bloggers count for something, I reckon, and we all play an integral role in creating this new public sphere for the betterment of our country, as a whole. From the political, to the satirical, to the anonymous, to the self-centered blogger, we are all important and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

What irked me so about this event though, was the sheer lack of diversity in blogging genres, if you like, and the types of corresponding blogger. How can anyone be partisan enough to term an event ‘Malaysian Blogger’s Day’ when there are only a select type of blogger who is eligible to attend, or indeed, privileged above others? Better call it ‘Hot Blogger’s Day’ or ‘Chun Blogger’s Day’ or ‘Happening Blogger’s Day’, but not ‘Malaysian Blogger’s Day’, because you’re only deriving such a small, and clearly, select sample of actual bloggers.

While I acknowledge that events are a right pain to organise and execute (so kudos to the organisers; credit must still be given where due), I am both disappointed and saddened that such an activity, blogging, has been turned into such a profit-motivated industry. While I admit I was once signed up with Nuffnang on my old blog, I am fine with the fact that with WordPress, I cannot have advertisers and the like—and I find I am preferring it that way. It will be truly a sad day when bloggers stop blogging for the pleasure they derive from it, and do it solely to generate additional income.

I was also annoyed by the justification given by the chairperson of this company, that not only were there female models for the males to perve at, there were also male models, oh my! As you would be able to derive from my rant on Jolene’s blog, which almost contitutes an entire post by itself, I was pretty ticked-off by this placatory justification, as if trying to soothe a small child throwing a tantrum.

Please lah. Don’t generalise and lump all females under the category ‘Swooning Airheads’, thinking we would take one look at tight male bodies and want to have their babies. It is both insulting and demeaning. Not to mention incredibly patronising and chauvinistic.

The purpose of this rant, in a nutshell, I suppose, would be if you want to tag something ‘Malaysian Blogger’s Day’, either specify what type of bloggers you are targeting or drawing, or really invite all bloggers from all genres to be present, in a show of solidarity for the future of bloggers in Malaysia. And using models to lure bloggers just cheapens the whole thing—let me just add a disclaimer now that this is not a personal attack against anyone, or those who chose to participate—real blogging, no matter what kind, does not need a cheap bait like that.

While I have never been to an actual blog meet, nor intend to, after much cogitation, unless it features individuals who are really intent on bigger issues such as the freedom of the media and revamping our obsolete media and sedition laws, I suppose they are all not bad. I mean, whatever rocks your boat, right?

Blog meets about ‘serious’ issues doesn’t necessarily have to be boring, tear-inducing stuff, it can also be fun—it all depends on how it is executed. It’s just the false advertising labeling that cheeses me off so and the subsequent lame-ass justifications given to support their actions.

In case anyone’s really interested in the future of blogging, the Centre for Independent Journalism has on their site the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Blogger’s Handbook which is downloadable for free. There are “handy tips and technical advice on how to to remain anonymous and to get round censorship, by choosing the most suitable method for each situation. It also explains how to set up and make the most of a blog, to publicise it (getting it picked up efficiently by search-engines) and to establish its credibility through observing basic ethical and journalistic principles.” ..” – CIJ.

I also think blogging ethics is a very underrated and important thing for all ‘serious’ bloggers to consider—whether you’re talking about yourself or the entire country. Like it or not, bloggers are increasingly becoming citizen journalists, and like journalists, they too need to have a degree of responsibility.

So next time, folks, do think about the bigger picture and the implications of announcing something as a ‘Malaysian’ meet. Because one should not discriminate against what type of bloggers or who they choose to let advertise on their blogs, or whether they are ‘hot’ or not, whether they are model material or Monash material (just had to *snigger*), whether they are fixated on navel-gazing or looking into the horizon…

…because at the end of the day, we are all Malaysians. And we are part of this blogosphere, and it’s ours to share and nurture so we don’t have this privilege taken away.

Unless of course, that is what you really want.

And to that, I will declare loudly and without any apology of any kind that you are the most despicable type of person there is; selfish, arrogant and unappreciative. And you ought to be shot when it’s hot and left to rot while the rest of us smoke pot and care not. Ha!


On a completely different note. Today my pretty Bangkok ballet flats chucked a spazz on me, having not being worn in over a year, and decided to flap open, crocodile-mouthed. All day I had to hobble around campus like I’d been grievously injured while feeling cold air whoosh past my toes.

So desperate was I, I taped it together pathetically with a plaster and had to call my father up to pick me up after class (he burst out laughing when I told him and had a huge grin on his face as he pulled up to pick me up) because there would be no way I’d be able to take the bus.

I also almost begged a rubber band off the folks at the financial counter to tie my shoe to my foot. Le sigh.

Only these kind of things will happen to me right?

By the way, my article on KLG Sqwad came out in today’s R.Age. I am diversifying into writing about music now πŸ™‚


Back to the more serious issue of bloggers, by the way, I was reminded of Nathaniel Tan, who is, I think, still under remand. The CIJ website also has a story urging Big Brother not to take action against bloggers and to release him immediately. Now, this is a serious issue, and I would like to urge all Malaysian bloggers to read up on this and be careful.

In reference to Article 10 as per above, where we are entitled to peaceful assembly without arms…I think the time has come where the state has realised that the pen, (or in this case, the keyboard), and the power of words far exceeds that of arms.

So, just be careful, ok, folks?


When I say be careful, I don’t mean it in the ‘don’t toe the Government line’ kind of way—I meant to be careful as in remain ethical and responsible. Thanks to a friend for pointing that out before I got accused of being a propagandist, for that I am not πŸ™‚

July 11, 2007

edi&lipeng’s 21st/musings

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They’ve been together since the middle of Form 3, are each others’ bestest friend, and their families get along so well.

It goes without saying that we all think Edison and Li Peng were meant for each other, because they look so adorable, and because their joint 21st smacked of pre-wedding feelings. They even had a registration counter, and instead of a guestbook, there was a huge card which they’d frame.

Held at the Atrium Cafe in Sunway Hotel with a scrumptious buffet spread (I ate mostly fish, hm. I love fish!) and impressive array of cakes, it was worth not eating all day.

It’s been ages since I’ve seen most of these people; folks like Hsu Yin, Phing Phing and Mun Sin whom I haven’t seen since Form 5 ended (eeps!). This photoblog entry is more for the benefit of the rest of the Dahlings who aren’t here (you know who you are)—we miss you all heaps and loads and want you all to come home ASAP!

Mun Teng, LiPeng&Edison (because they are one, heh), She Dee, Teng Choon (my funny Canberra friend! <3), me.

I’m wearing my new Shopaholics top that arrived in the mail on Monday πŸ˜€ And my new pair of RM95 MNG jeans—woots! I know I said I boycott MNG but I was in KLCC yesterday, and all alone, and depressed cos I tried on a gorgeous pair of jeans in Topshop but I refuse to pay above RM100 for a pair of jeans or a dress, and RM50 for a top. The KLCC-MNG crowd is more civilised compared to the ones in Midvalley or Pyramid—bah! Oh, I’m also pleased to announce that my ass has shrunk a size (hence the reason to buy new jeans—I can fit both my hands down my old jeans, all of them!) to an 8 now. Huzzah!

Heh, no offence—Jia Jun and Guan Siang are the worst photographers ever! They were just randomly snapping!

Hsu Yin—my first friend in secondary school, whose grandparents used to live up my road, who is now a second year med student in freaking -30 degrees weather in Moscow!

A fairly huge group photo of all the ex-Subang Utama peeps—and Ji Yang’s (Jay, hahahahaha) token white guy friend Alan from Melbourne, who was astonished to realise that I have a filthy mind and can make v.unladylike statements.

She Dee, Mun Teng, Ji Yang—me, Chien (love her hair! Aaah!) and the birthday girl (whose birthday was in April, heh).

Crazy women.

Me camwhoring and She Dee trying to make spoil—see, woman? Serves you right—try to kacau my picture, now you look like a ghost. Pfft.

A final group picture—thanks Edi&LiPeng, for a wonderful night catching up with old friends and reminiscing them good old high school days πŸ™‚


Do you believe we meet people for a reason?

I have always thought, even without discussions about past lives and karma, that certain people come into and touch our lives for a reason. You know how you can just automatically click with some people and talk about anything and everything for hours on end and feel a shared connection that’s so strong it’s almost spiritual, while with others, you take one look and dislike them instantly?

I’ve made a new friend recently, and we clicked almost instantly and got on like a house on fire. I met her (yes, it’s a she) at an event I was covering, and have been in touch regularly. We’ve been talking and sharing details about ourselves that I suppose not many others know or could know—our loves, our personalities, our shortcomings, our families. And a big part of this is astrology—we’re both huge astrobuffs and have been analysing and picking each other apart πŸ™‚

And it made me start to wonder, seriously, whether this is more than just a mere coincidence. I’ve always been in awe of her (she works with a famous NGO and is a regular columnist in a prominent daily) because of her commitment to others and utter selflessness—much as I aspire to do greater good in life, I also acknowledge that I am a little (too?) self-absorbed. I do get heated up over certain issues, but mostly ones that directly concern me—I’ve always, always found it amazing how others can extend so much goodness and time to people and causes that have no direct implication on their lives.

If I could wish for something and have it granted, I’d wish to be more selfless. Give more, take less; do more, talk less; smile from my heart; tell the stories of those who do not have the voice to tell it themselves. I am already so blessed in this life, for all my seemingly ungrateful whingings, and would love the chance to give back to society, as cheesy as that sounds.

Is this a calling? The aspiration to want to extend my hands to others, something I am yet still so reluctant to do? Could it be that I have met this person who is actively encouraging me to do what I want to do, and who does not judge me even though I have disclosed many deep, dark, embarrassing secrets about myself?

Perhaps it’s a sign that I am not who I really think I am; a sign that I am meant for other things.

Talking to my friend, about kids, animals, the less fortunate—it made me seriously reconsider my future life path. Would I really want to write for flaffy magazines all my life? Not really, honestly. I want to be a teacher, and perhaps, not in a conventional way. I remember the best teachers I’ve had were the ones who were always encouraging, always patient, always ready to listen, and I think that’s the biggest blessing you can have—a good teacher.

And not just in terms of academia, but life; yet, I am afraid because I don’t think I have the patience, or a heart that’s big enough. But maybe after meeting her, and another person who has astonished me by how much we have in common (another writer, heh), perhaps this is a sign that these times, they are a-changing.

I like to think this is the dawn of a new era in my life πŸ™‚ I’m at crossroads though, and confused—perhaps that’s why I’ve met two new teachers, who will help me find my path and walk it at my pace.

July 3, 2007


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It’s official; Jolene and I are doinks.

It’s a sweltering Tuesday afternoon, 1.30, to be exact, and we’ve just concluded a weird MSN-convo which involved both us us griping about Maybank2U.

We both accused each other (jokingly, of course) of clogging up the customer service phonelines, and upon inquiring what each others’ business in calling them up, we both discovered we were both having problems with our TAC/mobile phones.

Because we were both buying things online at the same time.

From the same website.



Ahem. Conclusion is, we’re both idiots. Heh.


Guess who’s going to be writing for hip magazine KLue πŸ˜€

Ok, it’s not set in stone yet, but I’ll be doing two nightlife reviews, which I find highly amusing.

Me, the poster girl for curfews, going ot at night to KL/Bangsar and doing nightlife reviews.

D’oh indeed.

I’m grouping my homies, to see who’s interested in scouting out some places with me πŸ™‚ My deadline’s July 13 (the mother’s birthday, the day results come out, Friday the 13th!) so I’ll definitely be done by then. I’m not going to tell you which place I’m going to, because you should buy KLue when it comes out and search for my byline, and my review πŸ˜€

On a happy-dappy-frappy note, another MATTA fair is coming up on September 7th-9th at PWTC πŸ˜€ Needless to say, I’m going to be there to buy my ticket to fly ‘home’ (because home is where the heart is?)Β  to Melbourne. Now I know there are lots of cases of people being swindled, but I intend on going directly to MAS or whosoever has the cheaper rates to fly there.

Hopefully no conning involved.


On another note, I’ve just finished Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. If you haven’t read it yet, or are in the process of reading it, beware, spoiler alerts.
Thanks to Writing Techniques, I now analyse everything I read. It’s frustrating and annoying, let me tell you, but it also coaches you to recognising truly exceptional pieces of literature.

Hosseini’s debut novel was rather enjoyable, but what I didn’t like too much was the extremess of his characters. I believe you don’t have to make your characters ‘extreme’, as in extremely bad or extremely good to relate to them. By having human characters, your readers relate much better. At least in my opinion they do.

You had meek, scholarly, privileged Amir; his big, strong, tough, manly father who does not shower with him the attention he wants; hare-lipped, uneducated, brave, loyal Hassan, Amir’s servant and childhood friend; Ali, Hassan’s father who is also disfigured and has polio…later on in the book, Amir’s father dies of cancer, his future wife is a non-virgin, Hassan’s family is murdered, Hassan’s son Sohrab is raped and later attempts suicide..honestly, it’s one malady after another. One malady too many, if you ask me.

However, I liked the simplistic prose, and the scattering of Farsi words that lent an air of realism to the story—you felt part of Afghani culture, and I must say it presented an alternative view of the Afghanistan we all know today. The book also explores themes of diaspora, ethnicity (the Pashtuns and the Hazaras), religion (Sunni vs. Shi’ite Muslims), loyalty, redemption…There was also a lot of symbolism; the kite representing freedom, liberation, fellowship; books and literature standing for education and a transition to a ‘higher’ class, etc.

I also could not put the book down; Hosseini’s words flow smoothly, though the transition from Amir’s childhood to his adult life is very…bumpy. I didn’t quite like the transition, but as two separate parts of a book, they work fine.

Like I said, I liked the book fine; it’s pretty darn good for a debut. However, I will maintain that there were too many cliches and predictable eye-rolling instances, like when Sohrab tries to kill himself, and when the evil Taliban man turns out to be this horrible Afghani/German who raped Hassan as a child.

But yeah, ramblings aside, it’s a good book, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Hosseini’s work πŸ™‚

You can wipe the drool off your chin now, I’m done. Heh.

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