The Girl Author



A dreamer, a believer, a saint, a sinner.

A cynic, a romantic, a writer, a procrastinator.

I am all of these and more.



  1. sanjida shaheed said,

    i am elated i found your blog! i like your writings. keep it up!

    meldee: thank you! 🙂 you’ve made my day ❤

  2. Candy said,

    Hi Melody!

    Just a short note – was wondering if you’ve heard of the Give Free Hugs movement?

    Whether or not you have heard, it would so make my day if you’d send me an email if you’re interested in getting the ball rolling.

    Been toying with the idea of getting a small group of people – random selections – who are up for the breaking perceptions challenge – by starting a Give Free Hugs campaign.
    Just to test the public’s reaction and receptiveness and spread a little human touch.
    me thinks SyUC and Monash Uni are fertile grounds to begin with.

    what say you?

    [silent reader] 😉

  3. hi melody

    i just started out at wordpress from blogspot.

    your writing are pretty good! hope you dont mind me
    reading them.

    im glad i found it 🙂

    p/s: can i ask u if ur using the custom css or the free blog?

    cheers 🙂

    meldee: hello! 🙂 thanks for dropping by, and for the praises, of course. heh. read away, it’s up on the internet for a reason 😉 i’m using the free blog, i don’t even know what css stands for! lol. xoxo

  4. jillian said,

    orite no problems.
    read mine also if you’d like 🙂

    au voir

  5. jillian said,

    IM THE crazy coconut name girl. 🙂

    meldee: jillie willie boo-boop-be-doo?!

  6. Jillian Kaur said,

    owh. thats lovely. i get that alot. the jilly willy. whats ur surname?
    i’d like to link you.

    meldee: haha sorry again, it’s cute mah 🙂 surname’s song, like lalalala lalalala, elmo song…


  7. unchained said,

    let me go straight…
    1st i like ur writing and if not i wont be here
    2nd i like the way u are thinking..
    i’m dam bored rite now..

  8. Pat Mul said,

    I love your blog. I really feel like I know you well after reading it reading it. Write more. I’d like to hear from you some time.


  9. meldee said,

    thanks guys 🙂

  10. alexis said,

    hello moonlight!
    hint: legends’
    i wish u r the right person or else i’ll b dam embarrassed T_T

  11. meldee said,

    i dunno what hint legends’ is supposed to be, so lol, i guess maybe you did get the wrong person, but it’s all good 🙂

  12. doinker said,

    Hey there, was looking for some good photos of monash and found your blog. good photography of the campus there. was wondering if i could get your permission to use it for a poster (within monash that is) if it is accepted that is too.

    meldee: huff! i never said which university i was from 😦
    did i?

  13. Shaz said,

    Fabulous .. Am NO stalker .. fell upon this after touring the Danielzain gallery.. 🙂

  14. Jefy said,

    damn I lm in love with your theme. I mean the fonts the colours and everything. it’s so.. er.. neat. yea. neat 🙂

  15. tze yeng said,

    finally I found your blog! was thinking about it since you let slip the other day. thanks for the entry re last year’s wwrp.. just what i need now in the state of panic to remind me why we keep doing this 🙂 hugs .. will miss you loads when you go.. we need to go out and boogie before you vanish proper k? xxx

  16. Hayat said,

    Hey there

    I’d like to know, do u, by any chance, know Suet Ling?

  17. Pinklady said,

    So good to see u blogging again.
    Welcome back…

  18. ritchie said,

    Hello Melody….
    stumbled upon your blog..(actually it is interesting to read about your Pontianak trip…..) just as i was doing research on pontianak ahead of my trip there. you may guess i will take the Batavia air from Kuching and wonder what it would be at the pontianak airport. well i m a pretty adventurous person and i ll find about it pretty soon i guess. Any word of advise??

    Thank you…ritchie

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