June 30, 2009


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Dear friends and readers,

Like so many bloggers before me, I am now giving up this blog and bidding the serious outpouring of emotions, adieu.

Seeing as how I am now in a little sliver of spotlight (as big a sliver as a journalist can be), I feel that it isn’t as safe a space for me as before–not that it was ever safe to begin with. Guess I’m better off compiling my jumbled thoughts in a bound journal, as I did when I was a mere lass of nine 🙂

But fret not, I have not departed forever–I am now keeping a blog with a dear friend about our addiction to dresses (tee hee!) at Frocking Around (guess who came up with the name?!).

If you really want to read serious stuff, I write for the website of a Malaysian business/financial/politics daily. I shall name no names but leave you to figure it out for yourself (via Google, of course).

It has been a journey, but like all journeys do they eventually come to a stop somewhere. Is it permanent? Who knows 🙂