March 12, 2009

on how i didn’t know what i wanted till i didn’t want it

Posted in Poetry at 12:05 am by meldee

cryptic wings adrift

beating upon smokescreen flesh

drink me whole till death.


my soundless soul waits

covered with magnesium

steal those kisses cool.


glints of irony

barbed wire stings through the night

silicone tears fall.


broken fingers lie

draw blanks in my empty cup

sucked in by the light.



  1. li chin said,

    it’s haiku right? nice 🙂

  2. Melissa said,

    Thanks for the bird-day wishes on F.B. Hope all is well for you. So when’s the big day? Keep the photos coming on F.B yeah… 😉

  3. Christian said,

    Hi Melody,
    Thoroughly enjoy your poems, pity there isn’t more of it here!

    With this latest one, I don’t suppose you mind sharing what each verse means? Trying to interpret the cryptic lines (to me at least), i have better luck jumping over the moon.


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