March 10, 2009

on those funny, familiar, forgotten feelings

Posted in Strange Feelings at 12:16 am by meldee

Softness amidst steel.

Canon EOS Kiss, Ubud, Bali.


Sometimes the smallest, weirdest things stick in your mind long after the person who’s said it has disappeared.

Sometimes it hurts more than you’d like to acknowledge it does, because usually it’s true.

It feels weird, because you know so much time has passed, but it haunts you and it aches.

Oh, it aches.

I never was the type who could bear the idea of someone else despising me. Perhaps I have chronic insecurity issues (which come to think of it, I reckon I do). Perhaps I’m a doormat.

Perhaps I just can’t forget some things, even though I do have a legendary goldfish memory.

Perhaps it’s just bloody Venus in retrogade swirling around some toxic feelings but oh, what I’d give to do things differently.

Perhaps it’s just me.

But because of that obscure comment, as wrinkly crooner Tom Jones warbled, ‘those funny familiar forgotten feelings started walkin’ all over my mind’.

I am now beyond mortified that I know the words to a Tom Jones song, even though it is only the chorus (and I Googled it, so I must be cheating).

Maybe it’s not my time to forget.

The question is, have you?


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  1. liss said,

    that got me thinking:)

    meldee: oh dear. is that good or bad? xx

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