March 1, 2009

the sisterhood

Posted in Dahlings at 3:32 pm by meldee

I am in hiding today. 

(I need these spells of alone time).

Avoiding (most) human contact. 

So I read (finished the last of the bloody Twilight series, no pun intended–I intensely dislike the characters but wanted to finish reading it just so I could say I’d read it) and I watch DVDs.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 was on my list of movies. I’d never seen TSOTTP1 but I figure it can’t be too different. Miracles of miracles, I actually quite liked it.

I credit Alexis Bledel, I think she’s as cute as a button and I am utterly in love with the character she plays in Gilmore Girls.

Digressions aside, it made me think about how much I miss my sisterhood. Back in the day there were 10, but since we left high school (shock and horror) five years ago the numbers of the Dahlings (cheesy name, long story) have since dwindled.

I don’t know what’s on everyone’s mind anymore. I don’t know about the love/relationship dramas, the conflicts with silly ex-boyfriends, the money matters (increasingly so, since most of us have started to live away from home and on our own paychecks—not that mine’s arrived yet), the spells of loneliness/anger/depression/mellowness…

It’s something I suppose we’ll never get back, and it makes me sad. If only we’d known this back then, perhaps we’d have tried harder. Or perhaps things would still be the way they are now, because that’s how it was meant to be.

Still, I can’t help missing what I once held so close to my heart.

I miss you, girls.



  1. Mike said,

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  2. Sush said,

    again, you’ve captured such emotions in words.

    you and me both miss it sista. *huggles* lets keep the emails going.

  3. liss said,

    agree completely with sush.

    i know what you mean, and i hope it’s just a phase we’ll all pass through before we start exchanging horror nappy stories. while not sharing all the little details of our lives as before, i believe there is this unbreakable bond that binds us dahlings:)

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