September 26, 2008

on catching the disease

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Speckled emerald envy green.

Canon EOS Kiss, Aunt’s house in Bukit Jelutong.


I reckon it’s like an epidemic or something, the moment mid-semester (or in the case of Semester 2 at the university I happen to be enrolled at (I’m not typing in names because I know they monitor students’ blogs)) borderline-end-of-the-semester break swings around, there is a flurry of blog/Facebook activity as people scurry to do anything but work.

I usually manage to (smugly) abstain but it appears that this time around I am not vaccinated against this…plague.

Hence, blogging, as opposed to editing my thesis (I swear, I open my document, take one look at it, and…blech).

Yesterday I gave up on work (after spending most of the morning chatting to my lovely friend P in NZ) to go ‘window shopping’ (at least that was the objective). Right. Let’s say I did not end up with windows.


What have I been up to.

The rapporteuring was one.

The shopping, another.


My brother won us free tickets to the premiere for Eagle Eye (which I know sounds like a totally snore-inducing war movie type thing, but it’s not!)–which was actually really enjoyable save for the ending, which totally killed it for me *curls upper lip in sneer*.

But why it resonated with me was because it echoed themes of panopticonism (Hail Bentham! Hail Foucault!) and…er…agency. (Yes, I do realise like what a dork I sound like.) And from my paltry understanding of Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network-Theory, it also made me think of a case of an actor gone wrong.


So now clearly I am put to sleep by notions of war movies and loudly exploding things, but not by French theorists. Hm.

Anyhoo I thought it was pretty scary, and made me think about really, how easy it is to collect information about people these-a-days. All that data collection when you sign up for blogs, social network sites, emails, competitions…we’re actually offering ourselves for information-mining and that.

This is the second movie of this sort I’ve seen this year, surrounding themes of surveillance; the first one was a French flick I saw at Cineleisure called Mr.Average, which was sort of like a Truman Show taken to the extreme. Like capitalism/commodification/product placement overdrive.

Am also pleased to announce that am slowly inundating my 14 year-old brother with seeds of cultural critique. I’m teaching him how to critique films, songs, TV shows…:D And I’m turning him into a quasi-feminist, or to be as feminist as a 14 year-old boy can be without putting his fledging masculinity at stake! Huzzah.

Though honestly, I really do forget he’s only 14 at times. He speaks as articulately and intelligently as any 18 year-old I’ve met, in fact, if I were to compare my sib here with any one of my students (especially on a bad day like today where instructions are clearly written on the board but I can still be misunderstood, hufff!) I’d not hesitate to put them at the same levels of maturity. I reckon my sib knows more about politics than they do, which is absolutely ridiculous given how they are journalism students. Roar.

From a roar to a grin.

The boyfriend rang me a few minutes ago to tell me that his new microwave has a ‘Power/Melody’ button. Apparently you can change the beeping at the end of each session (ranging from mildly annoying to extremely annoying, I imagine), and he just had to call to tell me that.

Power/Melody reminds me of times where I’d have two (or three) cups of espresso when I was back in C’hill on rainy evenings to keep warm, and I’d be literally bouncing off the walls. I think the boyfriend was terribly exasperated (and not to mention annoyed, and I sympathise–I imagine it’s hard to watch TV when your girlfriend is power-cleaning everything around you) and might have contemplating sitting on me a few times just to get me to stop moving (or talking) like the Energizer bunny on speed.

He’s a sweetheart though. And it’s all good because we continually amuse each other and will hopefully continue to do so for a good many years to come 🙂


I have successfully procrastinated for about an hour and a half since lunch. I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and am scoffing Kinder Bueno non-stop (had a mad unexplainable craving for it yesterday so I bought three packets!) and could really do with a nap now. Maybe some work after this?


Before I go, I simply must say how I am completely (hazel)nut(ty) over the online vintage/shopping stores. But not those with horrible language skills attempting at passing for English (shock and horror), but those with incredibly artistic (or Photoshopped,  but that still calls for high levels of artistic talent, mind you!) photographs. is an amazing site and I could (and do) spend hours trawling the site and ogling pretty dresses and shoes and handbags, and oh, you get the picture.


Work now.




  1. Sush said,

    miss you. *hugs*

  2. Fei said,

    hi dearie! haha, this is so FREAKY. i just habis baca-ing your post here, and was googling “panopticonism” wondering what in the world is that, and then i saw a new email pop up that says u just left a comment on my blog!! lol~~~

    hey, im considering taking the CELTA course from british council, its a course to learn how to ‘teach english’, it comes with proper certification, since you’re a teacher, i wonder if you know anything about it?? if you do, do do share your thoughts~~

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