May 2, 2008

on hating bureaucracy

Posted in Malaysia, My Home, Ranty Pants at 5:15 pm by meldee

I just do.

Especially when it takes one four hours to submit forms for passport renewal and to pay up—yes I know they have those nifty passport renewal kiosks but guess what, my chip wouldn’t read (just my luck!).

And I noted with some satisfaction (because I am evil that way) that the kiosk had broken down when I left.

A note to the Subang branch of Immigration at Terminal 3 of the SAAS Airport, please make it more child-friendly. There are so many people carrying babies with them, and it’s hot and stuffy, and there’s no room for strollers, and a really tiny and dark corner for breastfeeding mothers. It’s torture not only for the kids, but for us trying to cope with the screaming kids :/

And a general note to Immigration: put on your website somewhere lah that the form has to be printed on both sides of the paper! Stop trying to con people of RM1 by forcing them to buy the forms >.<

I’m so glad passport renewals only happen once every five years because if this happened every year I’d go bonkers.

But the boyfriend tried to comfort me by saying that this may be the last time I need to renew my Malaysian passport…ooh. Goody, I wonder if Malaysians in Canberra are any more efficient. I have my doubts but oh well.

Happy World Press Freedom Day tomorrow!


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