February 4, 2008

when one door opens, another closes (a.k.a. opportunity costs)

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It’s time for an emo(ish) post, seeing as I haven’t done one in a while.

Also because it’s lunch time so I cannot make calls; and in my bid to be Most Kiam Siap (stingy) Person Alive, I once again brought lunch from home. Today’s menu consists oven-baked nuggets (which by this time will be cold and chewy), a pear and a cup of green tea.

Biscuits for lunch gets really unappetizing, really quick.


I was just thinking. Marveling, really. How all things really do come at a price. If not at a price, at least at a slight inconvenience, or something or a similar nature.

Working with an NGO has to be one of the (dare I say?) nicest things I’ve done in a while. Nice for the cause, and for my sense of satisfaction that I am actively helping out where I am needed, but at the expense of my writing. Which is odd, I suppose, considering how one would assume that I’d be more verbose than ever. I guess it is not so much the work per se, but the nature of the work I am doing.

When one is confined to writing sponsorship request letters, receipts and such, brain-drain is somewhat inevitable. I go through such phases, when I am so mentally retarded (ha!) that words that once flowed so easily now come out sounding stunted and…veneered.

I’m also missing out on heaps of friend-time, because by the time I get home, it’s time to Skype with the boyfriend, have dinner, do chores…and by the time I’m done with that, all I want to do is zone out by mindlessly watching old cycles of America’s Next Top Model till I fall asleep.

While this isn’t as much of a good old whine as it could be, I guess I’m trying to say is that it sucks to have to give up some things to do others. But you already knew that, and I know I’m being Captain-Bloody-Obvious, but…yeaaa…


The weekend also brought about other mini-revelations.

Like how going back to uni for another year will yet again put off my moving back to be with the man I love .

Like how ending a relationship with one person, means possibly ending friendships with several others.

Like how the dilemma of duty over your own life choices, is really not only just about you.

Life brings about many choices, opportunities, red herrings. But while we often look forward to changes and challenges and move on, we sometimes forget what we left behind. Old friends that once meant so much to you, old ties that still bind, memories that lay dormant until something evokes them, making them sting like vinegar on broken flesh.

I embrace chances to move on. But now, I’m thinking…praying, even…please don’t ever let me forget what I left behind.

Not out of sentimentality, as such, but as a life lesson, to cherish what I have in the present, and a reminder that it’s never just all about me, because in changing the course of my life, I’ve inadvertently changed someone else’s too.


February 1, 2008

sign for safety/ hunting for equal footing

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There’s been a lot going on lately, which while I suppose hardly counts as a valid excuse for not updating my blog regularly, is a truism. I am often drained after work, and can hardly muster the energy to go out with friends, let alone blog.

First of all, as some of you may have read, a friend of mine tragically lost his girlfriend, and many others lost a good friend who was respected and admired, in a bus crash that shouldn’t have happened.

Read more, and sign the petition to up the safety ante of especially those who take long-haul bus trips at Bus Crash No More, a blog/information centre started by friends and sympathisers of those who perished in the crash.

My heartfelt condolences go out to friends and families of the victims, and all those who have ever lost someone they knew in a road accident due to someone else’s negligence.


On another note, while undoubtedly not as somber, some of you may know that I am now working on a temporary basis at a women’s NGO in PJ. While I’ll admit it’s not as stuffy and stoic as I thought it would be, it’s also extremely draining due to the constant rejection I’ve been getting while making requests for sponsorship for our fund-raiser.

All I can say is, if you believe that Malaysia still has a long way to go in terms of men and women competing and being respected as equals; if you believe in the elimination of violence against women; if you believe that obscure laws that discriminate against women need to be changed; if you believe that women and families in crisis need to be helped and have someone to turn to; if you believe that education is the best long-term solution out of these issues…

Please support AWAM’s endeavours to raise funds to sustain their many services to the community. For the past 20 years, they have been behind the scenes, quietly and sometimes, not-so quietly bringing about the changes that we need and so easily take for granted.

The fund-raiser to be held is also in conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8th, aptly themed ‘Financing for Equality’.

Find more details at the AWAM website, or alternatively, check out the Facebook Events page.

Many thanks.