January 19, 2008


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Thank you everyone who saw my letter to the editor in The Star yesterday (my third letter in two weeks, woots! A friend joked they should just give me my own column already, heh) and expressed your support.

It wasn’t easy deciding to share this with…uhh..pretty much the entire country and I know I will have to face the consequences. There will be unhappy parties from the uni (I anticipate more hate blog-entries about me, but la dee dah so what it just proves I’ve touched a raw nerve) and perhaps some who’ve read it will think, “So? Doesn’t she have any sense of humour?”.

I refer to my letter “Sexual Harassment is Not OK“. Yes, I’ll probably be questioned by relatives on my experience during Chinese New Year, etc, but you know what? I don’t care. I’m proud that I have the guts to speak out and I will reiterate this fact here: I AM NOT A VICTIM.

Yes, I was sexually harassed. But instead of keeping quiet about it, I empowered myself and spoke out. I shared my experience. I told people who’d previously thought there wasn’t anything wrong with it that there IS, that it’s a violation of their rights.

And now, it heartens me even more to find that I’ve accomplished what I hoped to do: inspire other young women out there to speak out.

There were two more letters in today’s paper: “It’s Not Funny to Degrade Women” and “Angry and Distraught Over Sexual Harassment“.

I am so proud and inspired by these two other women who spoke out against sexual harassment. I hope that this will only be the beginning. I know it’s a long, hard road to travel especially if one feels alone, but real change takes a long time.

I’m glad I took the first step. If anyone is going to call me a bitch about this, yo, ma, I don’t give a shit. Cos as cheesy as it sounds, the corny acronym for BITCH could totally apply to me: Babe In Total Control of Herself.

In yo’ face, child.

(pardon the drama -.- I’ve been watching too many episodes of America’s Next Top Model from previous cycles)


January 12, 2008

for posterity.

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I know I’ve been M.I.A. again. I swear it’s a miracle that anyone still reads my blog (IF people still read my blog, that is, at the rate I’m going!).

But I’ve been busy with work, and anyone who’s started work recently knows how it is: the first week absolutely drags by and you feel like you want to quit but this is the Big Moment you’ve been waiting for and gearing up to all your life (why, employment, of course! We don’t study for like 16 years for nothing mmkay!) and you can’t ruddy chuck a hissy fit now can you?!

But of course I’m not properly working yet *grins*. It’s just a way for me to fill my days and work for a cause I believe in. And I’d be a total liar to say that the money isn’t a factor. I mean, I was willing to work for no or little money, but at the rate I’m going I’m actually very very happy *beams*.

But I am a big wuss when it comes to properly joining the labour force full-time. I know it’s so weird, considering among my friends I’m one of those who started working part-time pretty early but the idea of the drudgery of a 9-5 job 5 days a week 4 weeks a month 12 months a year makes me want to rip my hair out from the follicles and run up and down my street naked and foaming at the mouth.

You get the picture, I’m sure.

This year represents such a big turning point for so may people in my life. Most of my friends have graduated and are working or will be soon; Tim’s got a really promising proposition from the power station where he works at now and I’m embarking on writing my first dissertation and possibly, tutoring…it’s all immensely scary because I’m finally Growing Up.

I’ve also repaid my first RM500 on my PTPTN loan for university *beams*. I’m extremely proud of this as it’s come out of my own money, the little that I have, scraped together from my freelance work (that RM500 was basically 2 months’ worth of writing…eeps!) . With another job on the horizon (styling for a fashion booklet with a magazine),that’ll be another RM400 that can go to paying off my loan.

Ya, ya, I know I’m so obsessed by it ok but I absolutely hate being in debt. To anyone. Including the government, which is quite unfortunate when you think of it ironically. The idea of going out in the world with this huge-ass debt hanging over my head makes me squirm uncomfortably: how am I supposed to go backpacking around the world knowing that back home, I’ve deprived some poor-but-incredibly smart kid in the suburbs a chance at escaping the cycle of poverty through higher education?!

I’m tripping on guilt. But anyhoo.

For 2008 I have no resolutions. Only hopes.

  • That things internationally will take a turn for the better. Much fewer (better yet, no more) assassinations, bombs going off, murders, corruption, natural disasters, infringement of democratic rights of peoples.
  • That things back home will change—away with corrupt officials, lazy assemblymen, sexist parliamentarians. That freedom of assembly, speech and expression will be upheld and the constitutional right of every Malaysian will be respected. That we will bid adieu to the some of the cocky members of the ruling coalition and welcome those who can and will make a difference.
  • That I will be consistent with doing my share of the chores at home.
  • That I will not be too hard on the students I may prospectively tutor and cause them to drop out of the course.
  • That I will seriously ace my Honours year and graduate with First Class Honours and be a kick-ass whateveriwanttobe.
  • That it will not be a full year before I am with Tim again.
  • That I WILL STOP BUYING SHOES. And clothes. And bags. And STARBUCKS COFFEE (rawr!). And whatever nonsense I can actually quite easily live without.
  • That I will not rile my mother up and piss her off for fun. I hope I can find more conducive ways of entertaining myself and remember: high blood pressure runs in the family and that the guilt of ‘accidentally’ killing her would probably haunt me for a good many years.
  • That I will no longer make stupid New Year’s Resolutions that I cannot keep.

Amen. Here’s to the future.

Bring it on, baybee.

January 5, 2008

been away too long

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First off, Happy New Year to you all 🙂 Apologies for being missing in action for the longest time (don’t say I didn’t warn you, because I sure did) but I’ve been crazybusy again, and then just sank into a gloomy funk as the result of the boyfriend’s departure.

In all fairness, said gloomy funk lasted about 72 hours and is petering off as I start worrying about other things—like work.

Yep, I am a working woman again 🙂 The current place of employment is AWAM (the All-Women’s Action Society in PJ)  and my role is to…er….be the office girl. Type, fax, make calls (good God, a whole LOT of calls *groan*) looking for sponsorship for AWAM’s Treasure Hunt to be held on March 9th at Berjaya Times Square in conjunction with their 20th anniversary and International Women’s Day.

And since I can, I might as well do a short pitch: would anyone be so kind as to contribute in some way to this Treasure Hunt? 😀 Cash or kind, corporate sponsorship, or alternatively, form a group of 2-6 people and join in the hunt! It’ll be great fun; there are cash prizes to be given away and it’s for an awesome cause. It’s RM40 per person and open to everyone, men, women and children!

AWAM operates on goodwill from volunteers and donors and has provided many many years of service to the women of Malaysia—legal advice and advocacy for reform, Telenita (counseling helpline), gender equality….wahey, if I weren’t a struggling quasi-student I’d give ’em money. For more details, drop me a message! 🙂 I’m really hoping to hear from people as it’d make my life a whole lot easier, heh.

But I suppose some of you are more interested in how the boyfriend’s trip went? 🙂 Hmm…if you haven’t seen the pictures on Facebook, I’m sorry, I honestly can’t be arsed to post them here (too much hassle), so you’ll just have to settle for me telling you that it was AWESOME 😀

It was honestly like we’d never been apart. 11 months of separation just seemed to melt away in the next 10 days that blurred by in a whirl of mall-ratting, shopping, eating and meeting people whose names I suspect he’s forgotten completely by now.

10 days of pure bliss. Of having a co-pilot who’d road-rage with me (to my delight!) and look out for cars and teach me how to parallel park (I can, but very badly and I take ages); who’d hold my hand and make sure I walk on the inside of paths “so if a car comes at us, I’d get hit first”; who’d make me laugh and layan my stupid requests like insisting we go for Starbucks so I can get stickers to redeem my organiser (I got it last night, woots!).

Ah, Boyfriend, I miss you so much it’s unbelievable 😦

Anyhoo, I’m off now. Honours dissertation proposal calls for editing. Will post more when I’m less lethargic/grumpy. New year hugs to all!