November 27, 2007

corporate/sleazyguy fuckwittage

Posted in Bah!, Ranty Pants at 10:00 pm by meldee

I’m going to rant today. I feel very ranty.

Doing corporate work/editing can be the shites at times. Especially when one’s boss happens to be an acquaintance (who has little or no respect for your time, hence, shows up late) who has a reputation for being NATO—that’s No Action, Talk Only, to the uninitiated.

At times I seriously want to say ‘screw you‘ to this corporate codswallop, but then again I think of my loans, my expensive lifestyle (not really, actually, but this sounds more dramatic, sooo….) and by George I have to swallow my pride and slave on because I need the money.

It’s just seriously so annoying when you have no fixed deadline, constantly changing job scope, inconsistent promises of contracts/payment and have NO CLUE as to what you’re doing.


I suppose I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to bitch and moan and gripe about corporate fuckwittage, but I really admire those who put up with it and take it so well (but then again, money talks, bullshit walks, le sigh).Β  Give me tips please on how to grin and bear it?


I don’t get why some guys still hit on, or pretend to ‘want to be friendly’ with someone who’s already attached. These are the sleazy guys on Facebook or Friendster who message going, “Hey, (insert compliment), want to be friends?”

Pardon my stuck-uppity-ness but I have an inbuilt radar for such instances, and many other girls have it too—dude, we can so tell when you’re trying to honestly be friends or trying to hit on us! No need to get all defensive and shit too, saying we’re being ‘perasan‘ or vain, because honestly we just know.

Especially when you get emo and send message after message about how we’re being snobbish. Honestly, why does it matter so much if we don’t want to be friends, isn’t that our prerogative? Yeah so we could be snobs or bitches, but as far as I’m concerned I’d like to be discerning in the formation of my friendships. If I feel threatened or uncomfortable in any way, why put myself in that situation?

Urgh I just find people (guys and girls alike) like these so…gaaah I shan’t even dignify that with a comment.



  1. Sush said,

    hey hey. hang in there with the workload okay? december is not long more which equals to Tim coming over. that’s all that’s getting me through until i fly homeee. being home and seeing Nick again.

    and i hate adding those sleazy b*tards on facebook and friendster. URGH. i ask them, “do i actually know you?”

    meldee: heh thanks sushers. i feel like ripping my hair out at times. i’m so not meant for corporate competitive-nonsense.

    YES. tim tim tim tim tim. my mantra for the next few weeks πŸ˜›

    beh that’s why i don’t add, or layan those sleazeballs. in fact they’re lucky if i even ask if i know them. tcah!

  2. ish said,

    Hey, I think you have a really melodious name, want to be friends?

    Okay okay, don’t lash out on me, I know that’s annoying. πŸ˜› But since I’m a guy, I don’t face a lot of that. But there’s many things to hate on social networking websites. I hate the people who set emo status messages like “love is painful” and stuff like that next to their names. Agreed you’re sad and depressed, but what’s the fun in telling the world about it. Blah. 😐

    meldee: oh ha bloody ha ish πŸ˜›

    “don’t hate me ‘cos i’m beautiful”. haha my emo message.

  3. Sarah said,

    I find the easiest way to deal with the crap at work everyday and eat the shit sandwich that your boss feeds yoyu day after day is to go home and have a good bitching session, if nothing else it lets you build up from stratch the irritation inside you. Hang in there girl and it won’t be for ever and it teaches you a lot surprisingly.
    I HATE when guys try to hit on you when you clearly show no interest at all. Guys are bigger sooks then girls so ignore their horrible comments. I found the most interestingone at school, when you turned a guy down you were called a tart, yet it makes no sense!

    meldee: ‘eat the shit sandwich that your boss feeds you day after day’>> LOL!!!! that’s a good one babe πŸ˜› yes i shall try to keep that in mind, though tis a bit hard as i work from home πŸ˜€

    yeah, the rejection phenomenon—just cos they can’t have you, no one else should be able to either. those lads are just plain immature.

  4. Dahlia said,

    Just reply:

    “Hey, I like your face. Can you be the father of my babies?”

    meldee: but what if they say yes?!o_O

  5. lili.z said,

    mel, i know how you feel about those “friendly” peeps online… what a shame isn’t it, to themselves of coz.

    meldee: thanks sheali πŸ˜› they’re just in deep deep denial la, what else to day. hey i wanna see more pics of you in hk!

  6. Dahlia said,

    Do what half the animal kingdom does and eat him afterwards.

    meldee: cannibalism is so passe.

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