October 15, 2007


Posted in D'oh!, Dahlings, Random Ramblings, Shopping! at 9:38 pm by meldee


MY BOYFRIEND IS SO DAMN HOT. *fans self and runs for cold shower*

Is it normal to be so enamoured with one’s other half?

Especially over a year into the relationship, though mind you, more than half of it has been long distance. Pfft.

But damn, baby, he’s hot o_O


Mun Teng and I today reached a milestone in our relationship: we’re co-purchasing stuff.

More like, sharing the cost of a dress we both love, that is not expensive at all to begin with but since we both vowed not to spend money on anything except food at Bangsar today, we both decided splitting a dress (we’re going to share custody *grin*) over counts as half breaking our vows.

I just figured out why I can’t upload pictures—exceeded my damned Dropshots bandwidth. Gaah. Will use Flickr when I can be bothered to, right now I just want to lie back and fan myself and repeat over and over (with much awe): my boyfriend is so hot, my boyfriend is so hot….

Hands off girls, he’s mine.



  1. ish said,

    Haha you’re so cute and your boyfriend’s so lucky. Btw, I suggest using an air-conditioner over a fan for cooling yourself down. It’s a simple logic. Fan -> more effort in moving it -> more work done -> more heat produced. But with an air-conditioner, you have nothing to do except for paying the bills(which again can generate a lot of heat but depends on who pays lol.)

    meldee: haha thanks for humouring me with a comment, ish. i know the post didn’t even warrant one as i was merely gushing! lol. it’s rainy season now here though so might as well stand in the garden 🙂

  2. Andrea said,

    ahh it’s not often i see people so in love with their significant other.. 🙂

    meldee: hehe thank youuu….i am, i am 😉

  3. Teng Choon said,

    Im kinda hot too you know.

    Mel!! I’ll be here in Canberra during summer! Hope its all well with you over there.


    meldee: gila boy! syok sendiri la you.

    aiyoh, make sure you’re home for CNY ok then we can go for BKT! I need you to order for me 😛

  4. Gina said,

    Ooo.. I wanna see piccies! 😉

    meldee: hehe when he gets here la!

  5. esther said,

    stupid tengchoon. syiok sendiri.

    meldee: haha yalor, your friend.

  6. lili.z said,

    Gagagga, Tim’s suddenly the HOT hunk now???? What did he do? Tan himself and has 8 pax??? Picsss gal! And of course I want to see your new look too 😉

    meldee: of course la he is! he’s been as good as lifting weights, and is outdoors a whole lot so you’re pretty spot on 😉 and yes! pictures soon ok! make sure you take HEAPS when you go to hk, i wanna see em all!

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