September 29, 2007

the emo post pt. II

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Have sunk to levels of low beyond low with regards to depression and general all-round feelings of deflated-ness.

But though it all I try to comfort myself knowing that I’ve made a major sacrifice and am mature enough to reach a compromise with the people I love most. This step has been the hardest, ever, so far. But I also have to admit I have been selfish, and childish, so I’m trying to grow up and be brave about it.

I’m not happy about it though, of course.

The one thing I’ve been striving for all year, ever since I got on the plane there to come home, has been the faith that we will see each other again.

No, I’m not going to Melbourne after all. (if you haven’t already deduced as much, I shall spell it out)

Don’t ask me why, or laugh at me and say ‘I told you so’, or worst of all, leave pitying comments for me, anywhere. Please. It’s hard enough swallowing this harsh reality as it is. Encouraging comments…*sigh* if you really must, and thank you though; I’m not trying to be ungrateful or anything but just after all the hope I’ve been building up, the plans, the things, the people…too many reminders, too many disappointments 😦 It’s all come crashing down now and I feel like somebody’s jabbed me with a giant needle and let all the air, hopes, dreams come gushing out.

But I take solace in the fact that this only affirms the fact how much we want to be together and care for each other, that if such hurdles can be faced head-on and dealt with as gracefully as possible, we can and will be able to make it through much tougher times because God knows, there will be many.

I am heartbroken, but what doesn’t kill only makes one stronger.

And yes, I have already gotten my ticket. Yes, everything was planned out and paid for. Even his parents knew of our plans. Yes, I know, Phantom *closes eyes and takes deep calming breath*. Fourth time’s the charm, maybe? Four’s always been my lucky number.

Four. Sei. Die.

Exactly what I feel like curling up into a ball and doing right this very second.


September 27, 2007

that’s how the cookie crumbles

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Quite a few things have happened lately, I suspect it’s because of the full moon. Yes, I’m still going round my astrological bend here, so if you if you think I make sense, read on and nod accordingly; if not, just read on anyway and furrow your brow.

First of all, there was the issue of my dress being unzipped by a Mr. Monash candidate on-stage during the pageant Q & A session during ball night. While no, my dress did not fall down, I was left fuming internally and feeling very embarrassed as this occurred in front of the Pro Vice Chancellor, various Monash alumni and sponsors. I also know that this person is running for candidacy in the MUSA Elections and should he make a public apology (as has been suggested), it could affect his chances.

As an Assistant Returning Officer, I am thus in a quandary of sorts. While I can fully empathize with him as a person, I cannot condone in any way, shape or form the fact that his actions, as juvenile and childish as they seemed, constitutes sexual harassment. As a university student, it is expected that there is a certain degree of maturity, so regardless of what his friends might think, please realise that I have nothing against the person in question, just his actions.

The student population needs to be reminded that it is not ok to publicly humiliate a person in front of an audience regardless of what the intentions are and while some could accuse me of scapegoating, I will have you know that I have no personal problems with this gentleman in question. However, I am a quasi-feminist and thus must make it a point to stand by my principles because right or wrong to you, these are my thoughts, and my stand, and I will not apologise for it.

And speaking of standing by one’s principles, I either very stupidly (or perhaps I wanted this to happen) forwarded my Bringing Human Rights Home article to my aunt, who in turn forwarded it to my father. He is reportedly very very very very very (x 10,000000000) disappointed in me, which of course I feel terrible about.

But once again, while I sympathise, and would like to clarify that by NO MEANS am I belittling my parents whom I love and respect, I am standing up for what I believe in. I guess as a journalist/writer this is one of the hardest steps I will take: separating my personal from my professional. If I allow myself to be guilted into apologising for every little thing that offends or hurts someone, I will get nowhere, because almost everything is seditious anyhow.

I was, in any case, merely using my experience as a case study for the limitations of the scope of the UNDHR; while it is not a bad thing, it is the reality of things. I’m glad I specified this in a paragraph towards the end; I’m finding it increasingly important as a writer to always cover my behind when I say controversial things -_-”

On to happier news: the cyst in my breast has somehow vanished. Hurrah! I have another appointment in 6 months for another follow-up though; while I am happy it’s gone, I am happier that I managed to drive all the way down to KL by myself and not get lost 😛

Sigh sigh sigh. Eventful holidays indeed.

Just quick splurts here while I wait for Sush to pick me up for wan tan mee (nyums). Comment away, my friends.

Am I being plain evil (in both cases) or am I doing the right thing? Sometimes even I need affirmation :/

September 25, 2007

of angels

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Within each woman is a goddess. A spiritual being, both intuitive, wise, and capable of a love that knows no bounds. Turn up your nose at this, but believe me, with no disrespect to men, there is nothing quite like the spirit or heart of a woman.

I want to share with you, my friends, a website started by two very very special people who have become incredibly dear to me. They are my kalyana mitra, my true spiritual friends, who have brought me closer to fulfilling my life’s purpose. They have taught me within a few short months to embrace who I really am at my core; that my heart is capable of a love so much bigger than my body; that energy work not only heals the people you help, but yourself.

One of them is leaving soon, for East Malaysia; the other will return to New Zealand to complete her studies early next year. I thank God they came into my life when they did; to imagine me having gone through the last few months without them makes me shudder.

Angels can come to you in the form of seemingly nondescript people. A girl you may pass by in a crowded street of shopping complex could just be your greatest companion who can teach you to love with all your heart; this is far greater than a romantic love, this is what Coelho and many others call agape.

They are my angels, my everyday heroines. Have a read of the e-mag they started for young women, here. Feel free to send in your contributions or stories, I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

I am trying to pick at words in my head now to describe how fully they have touched my life, and how I love them so. But like quicksilvery strands of memories and emotions, I can only try. But this is a dedication to them, for their selflessness, their brave hearts, their capacity to love and be loved.

Thank you.

September 24, 2007

bringing human rights home

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I actually wrote this for publication, but since it has far exceeded the usual word limit (it stands currently at 1,489 words, so bless you if you persevere throughout this article) I shall share it here. I anticipate many to have fallen asleep by the fourth paragraph, but I’m hoping you will surprise me.

I surprise even myself, when I really go off on a tangent or start rambling about something I feel strongly about.

Share with me your thoughts. Am I being unreasonable, or am I not being reasonable? 😛



As a quasi-feminist currently undergoing a third-year unit in global consumption and Otherness, I am at times left wringing my hands in despair on the odd occasion when I make attempts to bring what I’ve learned in the classroom into the family living room.

Oh, not just speaking about it, of course, anyone can do that; but making actual attempts to enforce them—my parents, bless them, are learned, worldly folk who obtained their professional qualifications overseas; while I deeply admire and love them, at times they drive me stark raving mad. They are remarkably forward thinking in some ways, and in others, make me feel as if I am transported back to feudal times.

The current bone of contention in my household is the fact that I, an adult, working hard freelancing as a writer for eight solid months to scrape up enough for a return ticket to Australia to see my friends (and boyfriend) in celebration of the completion of my undergraduate degree, want to “leave home without permission” for a holiday.

My parents are very reasonable people. They can, for emotional reasons due to their acute unexplainable fondness for a prickly, cantankerous being such as myself, also be incredibly unreasonable. Please do not tell me patronizingly that they act the way they do because they love me; doubtless to say, I am aware of this—what antagonizes me is their selective approach to applying this ‘love’.

As a young woman, I see no real harm done in taking a few weeks off after completing my course of study, using hard-earned money I have saved, to go on vacation. Article 24 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights says in recognition of the limits of the human mind and body, that “Everyone has the right to rest and leisure.” Article 13 also talks about the freedom of movement, assuming one has valid corresponding paperwork: “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.”

So, one might argue, what is the problem here?

I am thus being guilted (‘emotional blackmail’ is too strong a term, though with critical distance one could argue it is such) into wanting to take a vacation using my own money, at a time where I am legally and financially capable to do so. Mind you, I have not amassed a grand fortune in my pitiful bank accounts, nor am I normally the overly rebellious kind. But I am being punished for my decision and actions, and this is the point that I disagree with.

If I am faced with the prospect of such a familial uproar over me taking a holiday, what more when I choose to marry? What if it turns out that I am homosexual? What if I conceive out of wedlock, refuse an abortion, and decide to bring my child up as my own? Where then can you draw the line? Will I be punished even more severely then for my decisions? Of course, I do not doubt this for a second.

Even coming from a semi-modern Asian family where old, quaint values are (unhappily?) married to the practicalities of day-to-day living, there are still absurd and redundant rules we as children have no choice but to follow. Double-standards exist everywhere and are applied on a whim; we are left no choice but to concede when the filial piety card is played, because heaven forbid, we might be accused of being the ungrateful spawn of Satan himself.

Speak too radically against societal discourses, and one is accused of being ‘Westernised’ (oh the cardinal sin of it; when we are constantly and willingly exposed to Western ideas and discourses via Althusser’s Ideological State Apparatuses, namely law, religion, the media and one’s own family in the name of progress; should one’s ideas deviate too drastically from the Asian norm one is practically burnt at stake for it), or worse still, ‘immature and idealistic’.

The disagreement I am having with my parents thus brings to light two possibilities: one, that my parents for all their book-learning, are really close-minded conservatives who are unable to accept a universal document as applying to everyone including their beloved girl-child; or two, the UNDHR is problematic in the sense that it does not specify its scopes or limitations to include or exclude certain peoples.

My father’s argument when I informed him of the charter stating the right to travel and leisure was a terse “This only applies to working people, not those living off their parents.” At this response, I smirked internally, because I know when the family trump card is laid down, one has a fair indication that one has touched a raw nerve or made a comment there is no reply to.

But by virtue of the fact that it is called the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, one would thus be able to deduce according to elementary logic that I am human, ergo, these rights also belong to me. Unfortunately, for most, the UNDHR remains an ideal—if such rights are a challenge to uphold even in an educated middle-class urban family like mine, what more for those in marginalised positions?

One might not hesitate to critique my navel-gazing at this stage, but I would like to impress that it is more than this. I am merely using my position and experience as a point of reference to point out the inherent contradictions we occupy in this liminal space between tradition and modernity.

I just love it how parents and those of the older generation spout such things like ‘children are the future’ and encourage us to live our dreams—so long as we obtain their stamp of approval and hand in a 24-page proposal before attempting to do so. Where then lies room for exploration of new ideas and frontiers, if we are only allowed to roam within preset boundaries?

Our Asian dilemma is an unusual one. We are thrust into the arena of the global in terms of culture and education, keeping up with the trends and current debates—yet, should something contrary to traditional values I have no idea why we cling on to with such desperation, such as embracing homosexuality, cohabitation or single motherhood arise, lips are thinned and we are grimly told that we cannot act this way, we are Asian.

Does being Asian make us any better, or worse, than anyone else out there? We are all part of one race, and that is the human race—ethnicity and difference has for far too long been used as an excuse not to take down these absurd boundaries we have erected around ourselves and our community in the name of keeping things pure.

Has it not occurred to the purists that by building these impenetratable walls around us in the name of protecting our culture and heritage, we are not only keeping others out, but ourselves in? On what basis do we pick and choose what to keep in and what to discard? Where does one draw the line between plain logic and tradition?

This leads me back to highlighting the issue of the selective embracing of the UNDHR—for as long as we cling on to ideas that we are protecting our culture and heritage and thus choosing to knowingly snub a universal charter on fundamental human rights, we cannot hope to progress mentally and emotionally. It says naught about real progress if one has only amassed a material fortune but possesses nothing in one’s head and is so closed up to new ideas.

If this matter regarding my taking a holiday causes such an uproar, what more my right to religion, marriage, owning property, health and education? It does not make sense to say, “Oh no, education, that’s different,” because it all still falls under the declaration on human rights, of which the right to travel is one of. And this is just my personal quandary; I am sure there are many other unheard voices of dissent out there.

I am not asking my Asian counterparts to launch into a mass revolt, or to start denouncing one’s heritage—I am merely asking us to consider where we draw the line, and to be more conscious of it. It made me ache in my Women’s Studies class when many of my female (in terms of both sex and gender) classmates admitted to being marginalised, or treated as a second class citizen by their own families, even, because ‘that is the way things are’.

I do not doubt that true progress will come eventually. But real change takes time, and I encourage young women, and men, out there to stand their ground. Know your rights, because as Foucault said, (specialist) Knowledge is Power. When we are aware, we are empowered. And we should not hesitate to take a stand, even on an issue as seemingly insignificant as taking a holiday.

* the UNDHR is available here in case you felt like doing more reading.

 Bless you for persevering.

September 22, 2007

56k killer: monash ball – film noir

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Aaaaah. First of all, brace yourselves for a 56k killer. Seriously. There are 55 shots here and since I’ve just washed my hair (it is now 2:30am) and I’m too lazy to dry it, I’ll have to wait till it air-dries so I might as well upload pictures.

But the news I’m sure you’re all curious about: no, I didn’t win 😛

I had heaps of fun though, and by the time the results came out I really wasn’t arsed because I’d had so many people come up to me telling me how they voted for me and how they hoped I’d win. So in my eyes, that makes me a winner (though I am admittedly rather sore about missing out on almost RM2,000 in prizes—boo. Plus a sash! Beejaysus, me’d have loved a sash to collect dust in the corner of my room. Huff!)

And secondly, yes, I was wearing the same vintage cheongsam I wore for my MUFY graduation. Feck it lar, I spent a grand total of RM10 blowing my hair for this ball—everything else is old, or paid for by someone else 😛 So I am rather happy. And feck off, I’m not spending RM300-plus on a dress, blablabla. Recycle, reuse and reduce.

Besides, since I can still fit the cheongsam (plus, it’s loose!) I might as well because after I pop out a football team of kids I may only be able to fit a tent. So I’m being optimistic.


My svelte new silhouette while getting ready in Sue’s room.

I love this shot of her. Sue, you’re so sexy.

Many thanks to Eugene for pimpin’ it and driving a carfull of three gorgeous girls down to KL! I finally got to enter the SMART tunnel and almost started crying because of the claustrophobia. Brr. I’ve decided I don’t like tunnels now.

With Joanne! Yes, darling, I was Oriental Noir. As opposed to Occidental Noir, which is pretty much what everyone else went as.

Red lipstick! With Kathia, who won best dressed! 😀 She had her funky headpiece custom-made and flown in from a real milliner’s in the UK.

Us and a very pleased-looking Zhen Yau.

I *heart* these women! Cheryl Yab-ba-dabba-doo, Kathia, and Tems. I look like I’m sprouting alfalfa out of my head, oh wells.


Table 12 😉 Ethan had a lovely touchy-feely jacket on so I was raba-raba-ing him. Not like he minded. In fact, he even invited me to caress his…hair! Hehe.

With Shuffy.

With the engineers—Tien Loong, I’mSorryIDunnoYourName, Ee Way, Nick Chew! My boss Kon.

We’re a happy threesome, whee! Ethan and Tasha.

With Vincey-Wincey! Haha he has this habit of calling others by funny pet names. He calls me ‘Dee Dee’ or ‘Mel mel’, Kon is ‘Kon Kon’, Yee Hou is ‘Hou Hou’…:P

I had the whole Oriental thing going on, baybee. Edward Said 1978, Orientalism. Zomg. I can’t even tune out for a minute. Gaaah.


Ethan and Tasha, who sang beautifully tonight. They sang the song I wanted for my wedding since I first heard it! So it doesn’t matter when I get married, etc, I just want that song. But I’m not gonna say which cos you might steal my idea. Pfft. They’re gonna sing it for me! 😀

With Dennis (yes, from So You Think You Can Dance). I know him from the TQ/YS days of the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association 😉 Good times, good times.

With Mei Sim, from high school, who recognised me and called out! She was accompanying her boyfriend tonight 🙂 It’s always so lovely to see familiar faces.

And none more familiar than this one…

TAM HAO JIN, of the Volleyballing “I blow you up, I blow you down!” halcyon days of high school. Hah! I’m not such a fat porker now am I, coach!

Keeping with the SMKSU tradition…

GE HUI! Who’s back 😀 I was so happy to see her again ❤


With William, whom I once mistakenly referred to as Charles, because I knew his name was one of the Windsor royal family. Heh.

…and back to SU!

Wen Bin!

MUFY girls! *koff mutter blush* Someone, Charmaine and Sue.

A fecking kau ugly shot of a very indignant me as I was explaining that one of the young whippersnapper contestants for Mr. Monash actually unzipped the back of my dress on stage. He was trying to ‘demonstrate’ how he’d sabotage the other contestants, by making everyone vote for me due to my state of undress, wtf. I told him off after that because while my dress did not fall down, it is besides the point ok. Some things are just plain tasteless.

Not like Justin’s funky orange suit though! He’s got an orange fixation, this boy does 😉

Eugene wanted a picture with my sexy pose 😛 Thanks for driving us there and back safely, hun!

With Kam Taikor from MUFY, who was mighty pleased to see us.

So pleased, he presented me with his white rose as a good luck talisman. Aww! I really like this shot. Observe my pretty pearl earrings, a gift from my aunt who went to Shanghai. Just call me Shanghai Baby!

The Comeback Kings who had us all in stitches with their infamous Cockroach Dance.

Two of the sexiest beasts 😛 Ethan and Kathia.

Kathia reapplying her lippie while Cheryl scrutinizes her.

Aaah. The Good Old Days. The Double-N-Hyphenated-Potato-Lovers 😛 Shuf, Sue, Song.

With Eunice, Cheryl, Sexy Rachel and Tems.

As Yee Hou would say, “Harro! We are from the Erections Committee!” Ahem. That’s Elections to you. Me, Vince, Nisha and Kon.

My pear tart landed in my strange sago, startling me so much even the waiter standing nearby burst out laughing.

*Koff mutter splurt* Someone, Jimmy, Dahlia, Kathia, Jason, Trudy, Zhen Hui and Nisha as Kathia walked off with Best Dressed 🙂

Me and Yian Yian, the Ms. Monash of 2007 😉 Now, when someone campaigns hardcore for a solid month, has a Multiply page devoted to this cause, and who cries after winning the title, I reckon they really deserve it as opposed to me and my half-baked low-budget plans. Haha. *sad sniffs* I’d have loved the prizes though. Enough retail sponsorship to get me a working wardrobe. But oh wells.


Cheryl and Ethan. The term of the night was ‘clit monger’, please do not ask my why for I too do not know.

Me and Nick Chew! My gosh, those high school days seem so so so long ago…:)

Now, ahem, brace yourselves for some mighty stupid shots. Because we felt like it, and I have friends fabulous enough to entertain me.

With Sue and Ms. Polystyrene CutOut.

Me and my Mustang, baybee.

Rajiv the prop and Charmaine. They have an awesomely grotesque photo with Eugene but due to its nature I fear for you, gentle blog reader, and have thus decided to spare you the agony.

Charmaine and Eugene and the rose Zhen Yau gave me (aww :D) which featured very often in photos from then onwards.

Nick. Hehe.

Our Fugly Shot. Hahahahaha.

I jakun mah. The last time I was in Mandarin Oriental it was to meet Mariah Carey back in 2004!


Pik Yi, another of the Ms. Monash contestants.

Sue waiting to be picked up? 😛

Three fatt hou girls.

Do your own textual analysis!


“You’re way too beautiful, girl…you’ve got me suicidal, suicidal…”

Charmaine! Haha.

Me flashing a little leg, while Eugene’s butt hogs the rest of the camera frame.

If you thought these shots were lame, you might as well close this browser window right now because it only gets worse. Yes, it’s possible!

Sue-Ann, the Plastic Flower Whisperer.


Suren trying to be chivalrous and me acting spastically coy.

So cute. Sue-Ann vs. The Rose.

“She loves me…she loves me not…” Eugene emo-ing.

Eugene budak bodoh! Hehe. Him trying to pull a Crayon Shin Chan.

And now for the scariest shot of the night….

Just because I could. Yes, I have no shame.

Hee. Symmetry and good lighting, we like. And fluvvers, too. *heart*

And on this happy note I bid you all a good night (morning, more like). I had such a wonderful time 😀

Many thanks to all of you who voted for me, gave endless support and cheered and hooted for me while I embrarassed myself onstage and, heh, everywhere else by taking shots like these, for instance.

Twas a good night 🙂

September 20, 2007


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Re-reading yesterday’s post made me wonder, what if I really did have an eating disorder (just f.y.i., never had, never will have, unless it’s overeating), would anyone view it as a cry for help? It also brought to mind a heap of videos I watched on YouTube in escalating horror—short clips called ‘thinspos’ or ‘thinspirations’.

You can type those terms in and check it out for yourself. It was quite horrifying actually, because most of these homemade videos featured snapshots of really really skinny girls—celebrities such as Nicole Richie, one of the Olsen twins (I keep forgetting which) and Mischa Barton, alongside real girls who proudly show off their jutting hipbones, matchstick legs, clearly visible ribs and scrawny arms.

Inserted among the clips are dark words like how being thin is the only thing they aspire for, and how they wish they were ‘strong like ana*’ (*anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder). These are most often accompanied by sad background music, which work together to really reinforce the point that these girls who watch or create these clips, feel so alone and that the only thing they can control is food. That solace lies in being in full control of one’s own body, using and objectifying the bodies of others to fuel their loneliness and obsession with thin-ness.

I’m not going to make any judgment calls here (though I will maintain that it is shocking to me, and deeply saddens me that they feel so alone because I can totally remember instances when I’d feel the same way), but just to merely say that I sincerely hope anyone out there would be truly happy with what they do, but not to the point of obsession.

I mean, we all want to be thin (ok, in my case, toned—because I can still wobble my flabby stomach around with the best of them) and fit, but at what cost? Isn’t your own well-being, emotionally, mentally and physically, precious enough? But baaah…the point of this isn’t to be preachy. I dunno what the point is, actually 😦 I’m tired and kinda sad thinking about it.

Just random thoughts bouncing about in my head.

September 19, 2007

my 15 seconds of fame/hairspray/i hate you lim su-hsien

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Me! Only a matter of time, my friends, before it’s my byline in the paper and not just me as an interviewee.

I got my 15  seconds of fame in today’s Youth2 section in The Star, available at this link. There’s also a follow-up story here which talks about my blogging, work, and (hee hee) Tim. While I am no doubt wriggling my toes with glee for the publicity (as a writer, communications student (not mass comm, yaaagh!) and er, general person with weird-ass name) I am also anticipating the day when it’ll be my byline in the national papers.

Went to Pyramid to watch Hairspray today with Sush, Adrian, Smuggy! (a.k.a. Yijin) and Adrian’s girlfriend/Sush’s housemate Delene. I loved Hairspray! It’s a text absochockfullutely of potential analysables. It’s also possibly one of the most (positively?) racist movies I’ve seen in a while, by virtue of the fact that highlighting the race issue brings the minorities further under the spotlight.

Yeslah, yeslah, i was anal-ysing it. I like la. But it was also a brilliant laugh—John Travolta in drag and dancing in heels, oh my! And Michelle Pfeiffer’s Velma Von Tussle is absolutely hateable in the most delicious manner! The songs were amazing, the costumes were to die for, and I’d love to learn me those dance moves!

Also, I am currently not too happy with Sush because see here, my hard work of not spending money unnecessarily for all these months, depriving myself of shopping, then BOOM! This woman comes back from the UK and in less than a week I’ve blown my entire monthly allowance *grumbles*. Last Saturday was this gorgeous kitsch parachute dress from Bangsar (my other purchase, a sheer-ish eyelet cotton tunic I fell in love with on my own accord), today was a killer pair of skinny jeans from Mango.

They’re also possibly the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of jeans (I cringe thinking about it) but this damn woman, my God, her silver tongue *blows raspberries at Sush*. Yaya, don’t give me nonsense about having a good eye ok woman. I know you’re secretly happy you didn’t walk out of MNG the only one with something.

But seriously, I look like a baby giraffe in it. As in, my legs look fab! *big shiny eyes* They’re also the first pair of jeans I’ve had in a while that actually fit—because, by George it’s a miracle—I’ve since gone down to a freaking size 6 since my last jeans purchase in…July?

Ugh. My ass has officially gone on a sabbatical. I know I used to gripe about having one, but now I really miss it and want it back 😦 But until then I shall gleefully wear my leg-elongating skinny jeans to death just to get enough mileage out of them for the price I paid.

I miss my ass 😦 It was kinda nice having something to flaunt; from a former hourglass figure I am now a….ruler. Baah.

And I don’t have an eating disorder by the way. I love my food. I need to eat three times a day, at least. I’ve just been scrimping on spending to save up for the Big Australia Trip—but then along came Sushers who’s shot all this to hell. Rawwwwwrrr!

Woman, I’m not going out with you again. Like, never. (or at least until next week ;))

September 18, 2007

a cartoon

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I love the Untalkative Bunny. It reminds me so much of myself, what with the coffee addiction and all that jazz.

I think this episode is way too cute, especially since that pink blob looks like it’s humping the bunny and sounds just like me on two cups of espresso.

Yes, I am indulging my inner child.

By the way I really am taking this whole ‘reclaiming the social’ thing way too far. Last week after the fondue, the next night I was out in Velvet (and utterly miserable, thank you. Hate smokey claustrophobic spaces where one’s bum is liable to unwanted gropes and one is assaulted by the sight of skinny lanky Chinese boys doing the electrocuted sotong dance), followed by a day boutique-trawling in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, where by miracle of all miracles, I actually got a parking spot opposite La Bodega!

By the way, absolutely do not go to Goss:ps Boutique there. I am so unhappy with their customer service (as is Sush and Munty) because they were rude, indifferent, and very very aloof. I will boycott them by removing them off my blogroll. They seriously couldn’t be arsed with the customers! How’s that for wanting to make money, humf. It completely put me off buying stuff from them.

Have lots to blog about but am feeling desperately lazy as all I wanna do is talk to Tim (whose Skype is playing up) and watch Untalkative Bunny.

September 15, 2007

reclaiming the social

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I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with work. I am terribly sick and tired of scanning through academic journals and readers and library books, so I am taking this weekend off 🙂

Went to Maison (again! I hate the place! Rawr.) with Sush and her Warwick friends for Hon Win’s birthday—someone I actually know from high school 🙂 There I ran into about a million people I knew—uni mates, high school mates and even a primary school friend whom I haven’t seen in years! Pictures are courtesy of Sush (on her Facebook site).

Meself in my much-adored “I’m a suffering uni student, ergo could not afford the other half of my top” toga, Smuggy! (a.k.a Pilot Han), E Guy my photobuddy (whose bum I think I smacked a few times that night—haha Jo your legacy is living on strong) and Sushers.

Jasmine (sp?), Low Jen (whom I know from my Interact days!), me and Sush. Ths was before we got shooed off from a nice cozy table over to the smokey jam-packed dancefloor. Thanks to Foong for driving us there and back, and being cheery and entertaining us with funky dance moves *:)

Oh gawd. The Long Island Ice Tea with a kick. 5 sips and my head was woozy.

By the way…I now am the not-so-proud bearer of a cigarette burn mark on my bare shoulder *scowls*. Some dude walking by accidentally pressed his cigarette into my back and at my horrified look at him, proceeded to try and hug me in apology. Thanks to Nadia and Taib for having my back 🙂

I really like meeting new people. I was a little untalkative bunny though as I was kinda sleepy. Plus cigarette smoke and airconditioning always makes my eyes water and burn.

Tonight was a fondue treat at Haagen-Dazs from Miss Lim herself 🙂 I drove the threesome of me, Sush and Munteng down to 1U—Esther Phan, your home away from home away from home! I promise to drive you there soon, when you come back, mmkay?

I’ve decided that I like driving with Sush as copilot because she doesn’t try and grab my steering wheel (hahahahahaha) cos I think the idea of her doing it to my manual car could result in havoc; plus she really knows her roads. I tend to switch my brain off when I’m driving with other people in the car as I expect them to do the signboard-reading and directioning for me. Terrible? No, I just believe in delegating and sharing duties.

Chocolate therapy. Thick, bittersweet milky chocolate and fresh fruits, ice cream balls, nuts and other yummies. *swoons*

Pardon the eyebags and pallid complexion, I am tired.

Sush and Munteng 😀 Two of my oldest and dearest friends in the whole wide world (the other 7 of you are M.I.A!)

I was very excited 😀

Thanks again Sushers babe for a good start to the weekend. I’ve been feeling so drained lately. Academia is such a tedious thing.

By the way. It was just brought to my attention the hardcore measures taken by some of the other candidates for the Mr/Ms Monash Pageant thing. I feel quite uneasy because by gosh and by golly, if you want it that much and have put that much work into it, you deserve to win la. I am so half-arsed about this (though I really wanna win because I like winning! Hello Aries) and let’s face it, I am hardly the pageanty kind. But oh well, I’ll remind you Monashians in Sunway again to drop votes off for me in the MUSA Lounge.

Cheers folks, and happy fasting to the Muslim readers 🙂

I promise intellectual posts soon but I’m suffering from Brain Drain from being a big enough dork in my academic essays.

September 13, 2007

shame on you

Posted in Malaysia, My Home, Social Responsibility According to Me at 9:02 am by meldee

I was listening to the radio this morning, as usual, in the morning traffic, radio channel switching because more often than not, the stuff that comes on is complete and utter crap. It bewilders me that for a less than 10km drive, it will take me fucken half an hour to get to uni. Anyway I chanced upon the morning show of the country’s “number one” music station. I shan’t mention the name because it’s pretty darn obvious which station it is, and I don’t want to contribute to their numbers game.

They have a ‘problem solving’ segment on every morning to help listeners solve problems they should handle themselves in their private sphere instead of making public and allowing the entire country to be part of their problem, but hey, who am I to make judgment calls.

The problem this morning was that of a 19 year-old chap who, four years ago, hit his girlfriend when they were in a park and she did not want to take him back (this was as they were breaking up). He “lost his cool” and hit her; this led to a showdown of sorts between the girls’ father and the lad where fisticuffs were hinted at.

What irks me, is that the deejays were all “aww, dude, it’s so awesome that you’re apologising”. Could they be more ass-licky! Damn right the guy should apologise; what’s taken him so long?! They were quick to demonise the girl and her father, as the girl refused to answer the calls of the abuser and the radio deejays. They made it seem as if she were the one who had done wrong by not wanting to accept his apology.

My God, this inflamed me so.

It is precisely this mentality that abuse against women is ok, because you know, the guy lost his cool, it happens to everyone, right? Sure, I can accept that, but what I cannot accept is the physical abuse.

Violence against women in any way, shape or form should not be tolerated especially when one is old enough to wipe one’s bottom and is of age of reason. Don’t condone any form of violence, saying the person was ‘still young’ when it happened; 15 year-olds are already having sex for crying out loud! If a person is old enough to have sex, how can they then be too young?

It just made my blood boil that such behaviour can be lauded, nay, celebrated, on live national radio.


I am going to stomp off to my Writing class now and write angry angry pieces.

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