August 3, 2007

spontaneous shopping

Posted in Dahlings, Happenings, Shopping! at 5:50 pm by meldee

After a few…erm, days…of being shopping deprived (the last ‘spree’ was two tank tops at FOS (only like, my favourite shop, ever) for RM16 and a black belt for RM10, so it hardly counts), I drove myself, Jo and Mun Teng to The Summit (don’t diss it ok, I swear to God it has nice stuff) for an arvo of alleged window-shopping.

Yearrite, as if it’s ever just window shopping with us! I probably spent the least (damage to wallet was about RM65), Mun Teng blew a whole lot of cash and Jo was in-between. I wouldn’t say it’s so much about the shopping, but the hilariousness that these two women bring along with them. Jo tried on the most bizarre clothing combinations for laughs and then we all did something completely random—

All three of us bought the same string bikini in metallic gold, silver and black PVC. It started off as a joke, me laughing that we should each get one, put it on, and dance around singing pop songs. When we realised it was only RM15.90 for the set (not bad quality too okay!) Jo and I got one each (MT refused in the end, the wet blanket) so Jo turned back and bought it for her as a belated birthday present.

I’m not gonna put pictures up because firstly it’s rather obscene, and my bikini will probably get stuffed at the back of my lingerie drawer to never be seen again.  It’s just something hilarious and completely nutty we do, because all three of us have fire signs rising—they’re both Sagittarius rising and I’m an Aries rising! Strange, because Tim’s a Sagittarius rising too! Gasp.

Ya ya ok I know I’m nattering, I’m just super excited.

I got two dresses for RM50. In total, not each! I’m superfreaking happy.

Nice right? I like red all the sudden. My fire bits are rejoicing.

I really like this dress too. As I told the girls, this kinda thing, pregnant next time also can wear! 😀

Speaking of pregnancies I had a very strange dream that I had a very fat, squishy and unspeakably adorable baby girl. Everybody loved her and wanted to hold her, even my deceased grandfather, which evokes warmfuzzyfeelings inside, because I do feel sad that he’s no longer around 😦 He’d have been so proud to know that I’m doing so well for myself.

Anyhoo, last night was Kwo Kuang’s surprise birthday paaaaartaaaay at Souled Out in Hartamas. Funny, the food used to be a lot better than I remembered! For some reason I was ravenous, and upon cleaning up my plate, proceeded to attack Jo’s leftover carbonara with gusto.

KK’s expression was a hoot when he saw the lot of us 🙂 I shall spare a running commentary; as usual I will refer you to Jolene’s blog (there, on my sidebar, lah!) for pictures and a more amusing account of things because I think I was very very sleepy and lethargic at one point because I didn’t stop eating.

So, it’s August now 🙂 Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious, but this means three more months till I’m back in Melbourne! I’m superduper excited and can’t wait to zoom through these last few weeks of uni so I can really get out there without being bound by assignments and class attendance, though obviously later on I will be restricted by work contracts and shit. Gaaaaaaah.

I should also stop shopping. Goddammit! I really don’t need anything else *grimace*.

On to work, more updates of actual substance later when I’m in a less flighty fairy mood.



  1. Sush said,

    ooooh gorgeous dresses! me thinks you’ll be wearing your leggings again? dont know whether to bring mine back even

    meldee: thank you! 😀 that’s less than 10 quid for em both, nyahahahahaha. who cares, i will wear my leggings till i deem them too terribly…terrible. better wear leggings than jeans, heh.

  2. wilzc said,

    three months? to melb? to visit ur other half i presume?

    meldee: of course. what other reason is there?:)

  3. -tymj- said,

    You know, I’ve seen that metallic black/gold/silver PVC string bikini everywhere and there’s actually a shop in Sungei Wang that sells the very same bikini which you bought for RM15.90 for only RM9.90. And I’ve also seen the kind of stuff that Cat’s Whiskers etc sells over at that shop for a whole lot less of course 🙂

    meldee: haha yeah i think i know which shop! i have a sg wang phobia since i got pickpocketed there early this year, and transport cost alone to kl and back is not exactly better stick to my subang shopping! cats whiskers and those other boutiques charge higher prices for the ambience 😛 lol.

  4. wilzc said,

    to find jobs, to visit friends, to break the norm, to suicide, to live, to survive, to run, to hide, to wine, to dine, to taste and smell, to shop and spoil, to walk and stall, to see and be seen, to tram, to train, to.. melbourne =D
    aih.. kk i think i had too much to drink….

    meldee: o_O

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